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Not for Publicity: Secret and Absolutely Discreet

Not for Publicity: Secret and Absolutely Discreet

(Ne Dlia Rozgholosu, Sekretno I Tsilkom Taiemno)
11 October – 11 November
Voloshyn Gallery (Tereshchenkivska 13)
Lviv artist Kinder Album is poised to open her new exhibition telling us stories from a hero’s subconscious. This exhibition is a collection of fictional stories, which may seem real at first glance. It features images of famous people side-by-side with others who don’t seem familiar. The artworks are like puzzles that need to be solved. In addition, the exhibition is essentially a peculiar version of yellow press: even the name speaks for itself – creating interest and intrigue. What’s most gripping – and terrifying at the same time, is that the main plot of the works are murder and suicide. But don’t be afraid to come and explore these works with a darker twist!

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