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Are you into vinyl? If the answer is ‘yes’, you are in luck. The vinyl industry is surprisingly back, beating off what seemed to be a destiny of obsolescence in the era of digital music formats and streaming services

No matter what group you belong to – audiophile, nostalgic parent, hipster, or DJ youngster – we all adore these old-style musical disks. Tangible, collectible, and yes, vinyl – these thin plastic discs produce a warm, fully analogue sound, peerless in the world of digital music.  Even though still something of a rarity in Kyiv, there are a number of shops carrying racks full of the vinyl albums waiting for you.

Hryhoriya Skovorody 5a
“We are not interested in selling vinyl only. We are more than a record shop,” that’s the take of manager Jurij Kalenyuk and it embodies the philosophy of Vinyla. Located in a small backyard in Podil, close to Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, it shows how a devotion to vinyl can expand to become so much more. In a friendly and hospitable atmosphere, Vinyla offers more than 500 records and many more on the online catalogue, focused on new releases and leading mainstream music artists. Aside from vinyl stocks, Vinyla has become a real Kyiv trailblazer in the promotion of vinyl culture. Stylish home-designed, Vinyla Custom creates turntables made of concrete or wood and have a unique role in the authenticity of Vinyla.
Vinyla’s recommends:
1. Benjamin Clementine – I Tell A Fly
2. Braii – City of Nothing
3. Thom Yorke – Suspiria

Znachit Vinyl
Irininskaya 5/24
Recently opened, Znachit Vinyl (It Means Vinyl) is testament to the endeavour and success of vinyl enthusiast Evgeniy Lytvynenko and his colleagues. Starting at the well-known Kyiv flea market Kurazh Bazaar, Znachit Vinyl has rapidly upgraded to an online record shop, and from September this year to a record store located in Kyiv’s centre. The shop focuses on quality old and new releases in a wide variety of genres. As Lytvynenko tells it, the shop attracts buyers who don’t limit themselves to specific music styles. From classical music, jazz, funk, old and new guitar sounds, through to hip-hop and electronic releases, Znachit Vinyl gives you a quality tour through music history.
Znachit Vinyl recommends:
1. Cypress Hill – Black Sunday
2. Frank Sinatra – The Platinum Collection
3. The Black Keys – El Camino

Hoholivska 27
Diskultura was founded in 2009 by SuperDJMavr, a Kyiv D0J well-known for his distinctive and eclectic musical performances. Started as the first alternative record store in Kyiv, nowadays it occupies an essential spot within the city’s vinyl shop scene. Even after getting a glimpse inside the shop, you may realise what fuelled its reputation. With more than 6 000 releases on the racks, it is the ultimate focal point for vinyl lovers. The selection is impressive and well-organised through various genres and sub-subgenres. Large collections of jazz and rare USSR-era records are eye-catching. Do not miss unique 45s hard to find anywhere else. Through two rooms of Diskultura, SuperDJMavr has established a superb vinyl hub devoted to good music.
Diskultura recommends:
1. Burial – Untrue
2. The Velvet Underground & Nico – Banana
3. Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky – Ballads&Songs

Nyzhnoiurkivska 31
Art centre Closer is known as one of the city’s infamous dance music outposts. A hotspot of the intense clubbing scene in Kyiv, it is also home to a record store with a great selection of electronic dance music. A tiny corner inside the club offers more than 4 000 releases of renowned and lesser-known record labels. Closer’s vinyl shop is a useful bridge in filling the gaps in vinyl for Kyiv’s DJ and electronic music fans.
Closer recommends:
1. As One – The Art of Prophecy
2. Larry Heard – Black Oceans
3. Chris Brann – Deep Fall

The Kyiv Vinyl Music Fair features serious collectors and vinyl dealers from different parts of Ukraine. This monthly gathering acts as a communication platform for admirers of the vinyl culture, where discussions about new albums or audio gear are extensive. Organised by Andriy Mukha, Eugene Kibets, and Alexander Ustenko, the Kyiv Vinyl Music Fair is a step forward in the inclusion of Kyiv in the global renaissance of vinyl records.
Kyiv Music Vinyl Fair

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