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P2B = Place to Bus

P2B = Place to Bus

It’s a Friday evening and I am with a friend enjoying an outdoor meal and thinking about an early night after a long week. That is, until he proposes an alternative plan: A bar he recently found, located in a courtyard, and to be frank I was easily persuaded. 

P2B is located just off Olesya Honchara Street, which itself is just off Yaroslaviv Val, so very conveniently central. On arrival there that Friday there were plenty of occupied tables and a few free places, for certain this courtyard could take more people but for equally sure that’s just not wise at this time in Ukraine’s pandemic outbreak.

The bar at P2B is itself interesting at times like this, with our friends in Belarus protesting police brutality, here in Kyiv you can get a cocktail served to you out of the side of a former riot police bus. Cocktails are all they serve here, there’s no wine. There’s a DJ helping you get into the groove, and a wide smattering of cool folks to see and be seen by. 

Check it out, it is the place to be.


Olesiya Honchara 38A

Contact: +380668235248

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