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Performing Art Therapy

Performing Art Therapy

Need a pick-me up? Grab a ticket, pick a seat, and let theatre work out the kinks

For Ukrainians, a trip to the theatre isn’t just about dressing up and drinking bubbly: it’s also one way to process the constant dynamic changes in society, politics and the economy. From experimental adaptations of Greek myths to heartbreaking personal stories, via classic Shakespearean plays, the capital offers a wide repertoire of hard-hitting theatre therapy this month. 

Oresteia (18+)


Ancient Greek myths, and the plays they inspired, are endowed with a timeless power. Aeschylus’s Oresteia is no exception: its themes of revenge and justice are as relevant as ever. Theatre on Podil and Mizanthrop Theatre have updated the ancient myth to speak the language of modern times, addressing both the ancient cult of the human body and the advent of technology, with an experimental fusion of digital visualisation, opera and electro, and a linguistic mix including Latin, Old Slavic, Ukrainian, Russian, and classical Greek. 

Theatre on Podil
Andriyivskyi Uzviz 20b

16 November at 18.00
13 December at 19.00
200 – 700 UAH

Kaidashi 2.0 (18+)


Wild Theatre gives us a modern twist on a classic story by Ivan Nechyi-Levytskyi. The Kaidash family’s quarrel over a pear tree – all too familiar to Ukrainians – is transformed into a contemporary cross-generational conflict, riddled with politics and social stigma. In catchy humorous bursts of surzhyk, the play explores stereotypes that still prevail in the Ukrainian post-Soviet mindset, reflects on the tragedy of war in the east, and takes a long, hard look at the future. 

Wild Theatre
Stage 6 (Vasylkivska 1)

30 November at 20.00
26 December at 20.00
27 December at 20.00
200 – 500 UAH

Klas (16+)

In this play, officially defined as “almost a documentary”, the actors retell pupils’ and teachers’ stories of school. Some cherish memories of first love and wild parties, while others carry the burden of bullying, isolation and their teachers’ indifference. Meanwhile, the teachers recount how they became the people they are. The performance reflects contemporary Ukrainian society, in which every day is a lesson, regardless of whether or not you’re sitting in a classroom.



Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy
Brovarskyi Pr 25
22 November at 19.00
27 December at 19.00
240 UAH

Richard III


“Richard loves Richard.” This is a performance for fans of classical theatre: no experiments, no remakes, just pure Shakespeare. Through talented lead actor Bohdan Beniuk, the audience will discover the hidden, complicated, unstable, and tragic personality that is Richard. The story exemplifies how loneliness can give way to power, ending up in madness, violence, and tyranny. 


Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre
Ivana Franka Pl 3
29 November at 19.00
290 – 650 UAH

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