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Pharmacy Museum – Secrets of monks and quacks

Pharmacy Museum – Secrets of monks and quacks

The Pharmacy Museum occupies the building of Kyiv’s first private drugstore, founded by German-born Johann Heiter in 1728. Later, his son-in-law Georg Bunge inherited the business and began a pharmaceutical dynasty. Currently, the museum exhibits more than 2 000 artefacts – apothecary bottles, tools, jars with snakes preserved in alcohol, cans with cream, tooth powder, and even ink. The basement features an alchemist’s cellar, monk’s cell, and charlatan’s hut. Those wishing to try ‘a healing potion’ can attend the phyto-bar on site.

(Prytysko-Mykilska 7)
Open: Monday-Sunday at 10.00-17.00
Tickets: 25-30 UAH
Excursions: 85 UAH
+38 044 425 2437

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