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Productivity is a Snapshot Away

Productivity is a Snapshot Away

There has never been a better time for learning a new skill than now, and photography is a useful one to acquire. Photography is an enjoyable activity that many of us can do to shift our state of mind and think creatively. Here are some reasons why photography may just be your next exciting hobby.

Creating Memories  

First and foremost, taking photos is about creating memories. Photography gives you the ability to freeze a particular moment in time and revisit its emotion, splendour, and ambience again and again. Whether this special moment is a wedding, a birth, a vacation, or simply a vivid sunset, the choice is yours. A brilliant photo tells a story, captures the viewer’s attention, and evokes particular feelings with its clever composition. These days, taking pictures for mundane purposes, such as remembering where you parked the car, what your teacher wrote on the whiteboard, or keeping track of your receipts, has begun to override the true essence of photography. Learning how to compose a photo and capture a scene is an invaluable skill that’ll help you reconnect with the beauty of everyday life and its fleeting moments.

Being Creative 

We aren’t all fortunate enough to be in a creative field of work, but as human beings, we all have an innate desire to express ourselves. Photography gives you the tools to do this. When taking a photo, one must make creative decisions about composition, lighting, and focus, and in doing so, produces a result that expresses their unique sense of creativity. Learning these skills is where I come in handy; I have recently started a blog, teaching others about art, and it’s become evident the number of people who want to become more creative with their cameras and lives in general.

Sharing Your Point of View 

It’s quite amazing that every person has their perception of the world and sees reality differently. Naturally, we wonder how someone else sees the same thing we see — through what lens? That’s where grabbing a camera is excellent. Capturing how you perceive the world and sharing this with others can be enlightening and eye-opening. 

So, what are you waiting for? Cure your quarantine boredom and use your time productively by learning an impressive new skill. My daily updated blog covers all the essential topics you need in order to learn the basics of photography and advance your skills. Even in quarantine, you can find intriguing subjects to capture, and many of my tutorials are oriented at taking photos indoors and looking outside through a window. 

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