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How to Celebrate Your Birthday During Quarantine

How to Celebrate Your Birthday During Quarantine

It’s your birthday, and you’re stuck inside your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate!

In times like these, when the whole world is in a state of crisis, you might not feel like celebrating, but it might just be the best thing to keep your spirits high and get you through it all. There’s no need to feel guilty about celebrating your birthday, or that of someone you know — you’re safe and healthy (we hope), you’re another year older and wiser, and that’s plenty of reason to celebrate. Here are some ways to get the party going while staying safe inside.

Set up Decorations

Though you can’t have everyone over for your birthday this year, you can still make it look and feel like you’re hosting a big party. First, blow up those balloons you have tucked away in a drawer from last year’s celebrations. Next, draw a sign that says “It’s my birthday!” and hang it on your window — maybe you’ll get a birthday wave or two from your neighbours.

Play Dress Up…or Don’t

Shower, do your hair, do your makeup, and put on a fancy outfit. If you don’t feel like glamming up but instead want to throw on your favourite pair of sweats and a comfy sweatshirt — that’s fine too. The most important thing is to be comfortable and in your element.

Invite Your Friends

Use a video chat app, like Zoom, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform to connect with your friends and family. Catch up with each other, but try switching up the conversation since it’s your special day — ask everyone to share a funny story about you — and sing some karaoke songs together. You can even have a virtual game night, playing games like Charades or Pictionary or ones online through apps like Houseparty.

Dine In

Set the table, turn on your favourite music — check out DakhaBrakha’s new album Alambari — and host the dinner party of the year, all for yourself and maybe some friends through the screen.

Send a recipe around to your friends so when you video chat during the meal, you’re eating the same thing, just like if you were at the same party. Ukrainian chef Ievgen Klopotenko’s YouTube channel has lots of great options. And don’t forget the cake! Make one for the whole household, or, if you live alone, try making a mug cake for one.

If you want to treat yourself and order-in, many restaurants in Kyiv are offering delivery. Try Under Wonder for Italian, Mama Manana for Georgian, and Honey for dessert.

At-Home Pub Crawl

Call up some of your friends and go on a virtual pub crawl together. Have a different drink waiting for you in various areas of your house, in moderation, of course — a shot of horilka near the entrance, a cocktail courtesy of Bodler in the kitchen, and a glass of wine in arms-length from the couch. Like Bodler, Winetime also offers delivery.

Celebrating your birthday in quarantine might not be ideal, but it is doable — it just means you have to get creative. And since it’s considered bad luck to send birthday wishes before the actual day, according to Ukrainian superstition, just know that we are always sending health and happiness your way!

Chef Ievgen Klopotenko
Instagram: @klopotenko

Under Wonder
+380 98 203 4394

Mama Manana
+380 50 425 0404 

+380 67 352 6185

Telegram: @bodler_alcatering

+380 50 315 3737

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