Pushing the Limits

Serzh Velychanskyi
15 March 2018

There are No Limits when it come to frontman of the band Без Обмежень, Sergii Tanchynets. In a rather modest Ukrainian-style restaurant, we meet the man behind the stage persona
Meeting the frontman of rock band, Без Обмежень (Without Limits), a band which has been around for more than 19 years, is exciting. Though, it is a surprise to be venturing out of Kyiv’s CBD, considering where most stars choose to meet. Is it to get away from the resurge in popularity courtesy of recent powerful appearances on national TV? No. After a few minutes conversing with Sergii Tanchynets it becomes clear – he and his wife are expecting their second child at any time, so he has his phone at the ready to respond to any imminent call. With that in mind we launch in.

You recently appeared on Ukrainian X-Factor, how do you personally evaluate your participation?
Taking part in a show of such calibre is necessary for an artist who wants to be introduced to a national audience. I can say that being on the show has increased the level of awareness of our concerts in a big way. Let me explain, as there are several influential factors:
One is the Revolution of Dignity, which has drawn more attention by Ukrainian audiences toward local artists and music. As a result, media too has shown more interest in Ukrainian artists, which has resulted in multiple invitations to interviews and participation in different shows. The second factor includes broadcasting quotas for tv and radio for local programming, giving us more appearances. (WO note: from 8 November 2017, there is supposed to be, by law, a minimum 55% share of Ukrainian programming, whereas previously it as 50%). And of course, X-Factor. All this has greatly changed our tour schedule and we have a lot more fans!

In one clip of X-Factor, the jury was surprised to learn renowned pianist Evheniy Hmara used to be part of the band.
Back in 2007, when we moved to Kyiv from our hometown of Mukachevo, we had a tough transition. The previous crew decided not to stay, but return home, and I was set with the task to rebuild a new lineup. It was then I was introduced to Hmara, and we even created a few songs together. We took different paths following this, but have kept up a good relationship. When we went on the show, it seemed a good moment to meet and play music together again.

And as we can see, he made the right choice pursuing a solo career.
Yes, he is a very talented musician and very ambitious.

Just like you.
(Laughing) We rebuilt the band in 2008 and haven’t looked back.

Tell me about your family.
I have been married for 10 years, have one child and we are expecting a second, a boy, any day now!

Congratulations! Not that you’ll have much upcoming free time, but how do you usually like to relax?
I am into motorbikes, and dream of having a custom shop, building Choppers and other kinds of cool bikes.

What about your plans for the band – only Ukraine?
We are a Ukrainian band with Ukrainian lyrics, but we plan to create a ‘best of’ in English and foresee international performances in the US and Canada. I think the Ukrainian diaspora is our main audience. We already had a concert in the UK.

Given his preoccupation with his phone, we pose some rapid-fire questions:

What is success?
Success is when you do what you love and it provides for your living.

What is crisis?
Crisis is when one does not know where to go.

Where’s the best place to raise children?
In a family environment filled with love and attention.

Who is Sergii Tanchynets?
Gentle but purpose driven. A family-oriented rocker!

What is your tour rider?
Very simple: some fruit and Jagermeister for the boys. I personally have stopped drinking alcohol.

At the time of publication, the Tanchynets family have already welcomed their new addition – Lukyan. The What’s On team sends our congratulations on this wonderful occasion.

Без Обмежень
11 April at 19.30
Freedom Concert Hall (Kyryliska 134)
800-1200 UAH

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