Putin Told Off

16 April 2018

While she’s been relatively quiet in recent months, at least where Ukraine is concerned, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been wagging her finger in the direction of Mos­cow this month, and we can only applaud her efforts. With debates ongoing about the direc­tion and partners involved in the Nord Stream 2 project – a pipeline due to run from Russia to Germany which will supply gas to a number of northern European countries, Merkel is said to have voiced her opinion in no uncertain terms in a recent phone call with Vladimir Putin in early April. “I made very clear that a Nord Stream 2 project is not possible without clarity over the future transit role of Ukraine.” Whether the Moscow monster pays any heed however is of course another question. Though it’s nice to see that the beginning of his fourth term as president has begun with a disquiet we can only hope will continue.

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Some good news, some bad. Let’s start with the good news. In the latest annual Ease of Doing Business Ranking from the World Bank, Ukraine has moved up five spots and now sits at number 71 out of 190 countries analysed. A five-spot advance doesn’t sound like much, but, for context, at least Ukraine is […]

Ukraine can legitimately sing We are the Champions following Oleksandr Usyk’s fight on 10 November at Manchester Arena. Brit Tony Bellow worked Usyk hard, going into the eight round, but it was Usyk’s brutal left hook that sent him flying to the mat, unable to get back up. With the IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO cruiserweight […]

Even at the age of 27, Ukraine can hardly be called a “nation of startups”, as neither the president nor the Ministry of Economic Trade and Development have made this a priority. Regardless, we will reject this pessimism, as real steps are being taken in this direction. In fact, a stratum of IT specialists is […]

Russia, according to Russia, is not party to the war in eastern Ukraine. However, Russian Foreign Ministry spokespeople don’t mind, apparently, speaking on behalf of the “L” and “D” “People’s Republics” (the unrecognised and illegal entities created by Russia to run their operations in eastern Ukraine, also denied by Russia, of course.) In recent weeks, […]