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Rock Reborn

Rock Reborn

Monks Singing Rock (UA, concert)
23 September at 19.30
Kyiv Conservatory
(Arkhitektora Horodetskoho 1-3/11)
Rock is considered to be a musical form pivotal in effecting social change and protest. This project protests the very concept of this sound. Monks have managed to preserve the essence of these songs but refine the compositions to rediscover and reinterpret meaning that may have become trivial to contemporary listeners. Some say this is an incomparable musical experience. Some say it’s an alternative approach to rock. United in choir, the monks do not represent any religion. They have just grasped an opportunity to breathe new life into music created by talented composers. Rock that was revolutionary yesterday may be boring and outdated today. But that won’t ever happen owing to this amazing production.
250 – 650 UAH

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