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Ruslana Presented a New Album

Ruslana Presented a New Album

Ukrainian pop star Ruslana is reaching new heights (120 meters to be exact) with her latest music video from the new album. The singer is known for pushing boundaries so it comes as no surprise that the recently released clip was filmed on top of a windmill! 

But why a windmill? Ruslana wants to promote the idea of clean energy – in this case, wind energy. And what better place to capture that message than the top of a windmill in the Kherson region of Ukraine! Although, in her behind the scenes video, Ruslana revealed that the filming process was not so simple. For one, the singer and her crew were up at 2am in order to film their sunrise shots over a span of three days! Thankfully all the hard work has paid off and now we may enjoy the final product. 

Music Video:

Behind the scenes:

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