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Save The Ukrainian Carpathians

Save The Ukrainian Carpathians

he Ukrainian Carpathians always captures the imagination with their mighty mountains and beautiful forests. For many Ukrainians, it is the place to find peace of mind. This summer’s pouring rains have shown that the ecosystem of the region is critically suffering from deforestation. Now is the time to recognize the importance of keeping the Carpathians forests safe.

Ruslana, a well-known Ukrainian musician and eco-activist, has recently launched a social campaign «Карпати. Місце Сили» («The Carpathians. The Place of Power»). The main goal is to attract attention to the values, issues and future perspectives of the region while strategically promoting the creation of an interactive map of the forests, preventing illegal logging in Ukraine and encouraging the setting up of national parks and protected natural areas in the region.

To support the initiative, Ruslana also released a video “The Carpathians. The Place of Power. Salvation”  which shows the impact of illegal logging and how each individual make a difference in this fight. 

If you want to support the initiative, you can post any Carpathian related information with the hashtags #ЗбережиКарпати та #SaveKarpaty. Or if you know of or have photos or videos of illegal logging, send it to Ruslana’s Fb (Ruslana.Official) so that these places can be featured on the interactive map.



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