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Sports Stars Become Social Media Stars

Sports Stars Become Social Media Stars

Few industries have been as heavily impacted by quarantine than that of sports — which has entirely shut down. This predicament has forced athletes around the world to think creatively to stay in shape and engage with fans. One way they are achieving this is through innovative social media strategies, which are now turning some of Ukraine’s most prominent sports stars into budding social media stars!

National Olympic Committee’s “Reincarnation’ Challenge”

We are used to seeing our athletes in the best shape of their lives as they prepare for their events: paddle in hand, ball on foot, or showcasing their impressive forms in aerodynamic suits. The Ukrainian National Olympic Committee wanted you to see what they looked like when they’re out on the town, which spawned the “Reincarnation Challenge”. Athletes first appear in their sporting uniforms before being ‘reincarnated’ in their favourite clothes. The result is a wild mix of bravado, personality, and charm.

Women’s canoeing team

Synchronised swim team

Sambo team

Women’s rugby team

Women’s fencing team

Women’s wrestling team

National Sports Committee for the Disabled’s “Training at Home Challenge”

Athletes around the world have been forced to find creative solutions to continue training while at home. Whether it’s building a contraption to go kayaking in the pool, deadlifting their dog, or spin-kicking sacks of sugar, the videos below reveal how athletes are preparing for those big moments that we see on TV. If you haven’t had the chance to see Paralympic athletes train, it can be both eye-opening and inspiring. That’s precisely why the National Sports Committee for the Disabled of Ukraine launched the “Training at Home Challenge”.

Kateryna Istomina – Paralympic champion swimmer:

Olga Sviderska – world champion swimmer:

Daria Kotyk and Stanislav Samoliuk – Paralympic-qualified rowers:

Yevheniia Breus – Paralympic bronze medalist fencer:

Ievgenii Bohodaiko – Paralympic champion swimmer:

Vyacheslav Bragin – Deaflympics silver medalist footballer:


Training with World Champion Karateka Stanislav Horuna

What do you do when you have extra time on your hands? Well, if you’re World Games champion Stanislav Horuna, you do what you can to help grow your sport. As one of karate’s top fighters, Horuna won gold at World Games last year — the current pinnacle of karate, until the sport makes its Olympic debut next year. He also announced a planned fight with MMA legend Conor McGregor, which will be held at Arena Lviv later this year… so, he’s keeping busy.

Karate seminar:

Virtual training event:

McGregor-Horuna announcement:

Svitolina Cooking Show

Instead of preparing to star at this summer’s Olympics, Elina Svitolina, the best tennis player in Ukrainian history, is instead showing us how to make sandwiches. Still, it’s a unique glimpse into the home life of the 2018 WTA Finals champion and No. 5-ranked player in the world. If she can deliver in the kitchen as well as she delivers on the court, we’re in for some tasty treats!

Cooking blog announcement: sandwiches recipe:

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