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Stress and the City

Stress and the City

The five best ways to find calm

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, exhale – and relax. You’ve surely been told to do this a gazillion times, but does it have any effect? Do you feel light-hearted and ready to move forward? If you live in a megapolis like Kyiv, your answer will most likely be a resounding “no”. Life in the city can be exhilarating, entertaining and fun – anything but relaxing. Meanwhile, the less pleasant aspects of city life – traffic jams, overcrowding, pollution, noise – can intensify everyday stress and lead to chronic anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. To keep yourself sane and poised this season, focus on new, mood-boosting activities. Luckily, there are a variety to choose from.

A Cat Therapy Session at Cat Fair

Cats have an undoubted influence on reducing stress: a study found that just 15 to 30 minutes of quality time with a cat can calm your nerves and make you feel less irritated. What’s more, cat owners are 40% less likely to die from a heart attack. If you don’t have a cat at home, but feel in need of feline therapy, sign up for an interactive session at Cat Fair. This charitable foundation hosts around 20 animals and has weekly events with the sole aim of engaging with cat lovers and finding a home for the residents. In 2019, 137 cats were adopted. Check out their schedule and don’t forget to enroll for a session (just UAH 100 for an hour).

Cat Fair
Vozdvyzhenska 14
+380 99 229 7043 

Yoga with Adriene

Your New Year’s exercise resolutions are falling by the wayside: it’s February and you’re still too lazy to go to a yoga class. Well, we’ve found the perfect cosy alternative – Yoga with Adriene. Adriene is a YouTube phenomenon with a global online community of over 5.5 million subscribers. Her philosophy and classes are simple and effective. She says: “You don’t need a fancy yoga mat. You don’t have to be a yogi. You don’t have to be flexible.” The most important thing is just to show up for class. Yoga offers us a way to see that the world works with us, not against us. Each month Adriene launches a new yoga calendar, with a unique video training class each day. Better still, it’s all on YouTube. Committing to 30 days of yoga is so much easier in the comfort of your home.

Yoga with Adriene

Spend more time outside, remember to slow down and find the time for yourself and loved ones. This will help you to stay focused and mindful and restore your energy to get you ready for another fast-paced day out on the town.

Let’s Dance

Dance as a means of stress relief is a wonderful choice for people of all ages, as it activates both the body and the mind. Dancing can help to overcome the stress accumulated in your body; with a swing of the hips, all those negative thoughts and emotions are released. The Zhizn Balnika (Ballroom Dancer’s Life) dance studio offers skilled instructors and an unexpected location for your training session. With a monthly pass of 8 classes (UAH 1 200) you’ll be en route to retrieving your inner rhythm and finding mental balance through the joy of movement. 

Studio Zhizn Balnika
Druzhby Narodiv Blv 5
+380 73 900 3060

Upgrade your Party Mood at HLVL Bar

HVLV is a hidden gem in the historic neighbourhood of Podil. It has everything you need for a great relaxing evening: good music, friendly bartenders, cocktails, and a fresh, vibrant atmosphere. Check out their future events online and find your future anti-stress party.

Verkhnii Val 18


Say No to Workplace Stress 

A recent study conducted at the University of Hyogo in Japan found that adding a plant to one’s desk reduces overall stress levels and improves mental health. The positive effects of plants cannot be underestimated: whether you opt for cacti, bonsai trees, or spider plants, they’ve got science on their side!

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