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Symbolism Cast in Bronze

Symbolism Cast in Bronze

Every city has its own symbols characterising them. Kyiv is no exception and has an abundance of features that show off what makes the city unique.
In early 2017, Julia  Bevzenko of Секретный дворик (Secret Courtyards) decided to create a project called #Шукай (look for), which would tell visitors and locals alike about the inalienable attributes of the capital. A year later, the first bronze sculpture of Chicken Kyiv appeared: it’s a dish known worldwide and a culinary symbol of the city. A QR code on the statuette tells users about the history and meaning of the little icon.
While there have been only four created so far, there will be twelve in total. Among them a chestnut and the Kyiv cake, which is a sweet feature of the city. Another sculpture in the form of Kyiv dry fruit jam was unveiled recently.
Every bronze statuette already has a legend. For example, if you rub a cutlet, then your wishes will come true, and if you stroke the cake, then you will be shapely in figure. Of course, try at your own risk! The next two figurines will be unveiled on the Day of Kyiv (last weekend of May). You’ll have to stay tuned to see exactly what they might be…

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