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Take a bow, David Beckham

Take a bow, David Beckham

Many years ago, a teenager trying to make an impact at the legendary Manchester United picked up a loose ball in his own half of the pitch. He looked up, saw that the opposing goalkeeper was hopelessly out of position, and shot towards goal from a ridiculous distance. As the ball flew half the length of the pitch and then sailed into the back of the net, Becks threw his hands in the air with the commentator shouting, “take a bow David Beckham”. He had arrived on the scene, and the spotlight would never leave him.
Although Beckham has since hung up his footie boots, Goldenballs (as his wife calls him) has turned his image and fame into a business career, and has recently launched a grooming brand called House 99. Why are we, What’s On Kyiv, writing about this? Because the legend that is Becks chose the legends that are Ukraine’s DakhaBrakha as the soundtrack for the global advert of his new venture. DakhaBrakha have been one of the leading names in the Ukrainian music scene for over a decade. For noticing this and recognising this special Ukrainian talent, we say, one again, take a bow David Beckham.

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