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The Beautiful Faces of Kyiv

The Beautiful Faces of Kyiv

Kyiv is always full of life, with so many people that sometimes you feel like the world is too small to accommodate. How often do you take a ride on the metro and have an unexpected or unpleasant meeting with your ex or a school-bully, or maybe someone’s not-so-fresh armpits at rush hour? On the otherhand, Kyiv is full of extraordinary, funny, beautiful human beings, and What’s On wants to know about them all!

A Light in the Darkness

Approaching the platform at Livoberezhna station, I notice a bright spot from the grey mass of people. This spot is held by someone special, it shines, like the sun, because it is…well, yellow. Stepping forward, already aboard, I get lucky enough to catch her gaze. Her name is Anya. She is beautiful, bright, and charming.

Where are you headed right now?

I am headed to a photoshoot actually! It’s a friend of mine, we haven’t seen each other for a while. I am going to get an interesting photoshoot as some interesting character.

What do you do for living?

I am an event manager – I organise events and parties at Closer. Maybe you have heard of it? I am a volunteer also. I help people create decorations.

What is the most important thing in your life at this moment?

I guess for now it is to build some comfortable surroundings for myself and a future for me and those close to me.

What was the last song you listened to?

Oh [she giggles], a song my friend wrote. Kyiv on Acid by Zloy. [It’s available on SoundCloud, she laughs].

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Hmmm, I guess I’d like to read other people’s mind, but not with bad intentions. Maybe I will be more confident in my attitudes and thoughts about others too. And about our politicians too, by the way! You know, when a person can tell for sure what others truly wish for, you may be able to change something for the better.

How fitting to our next question!

On average, the metro in Kyiv transports more than
1.4 million people per day!

What bothers you?

There’s a lack of honesty and space for young people to develop, because we have resources, but we are ‘unable’ to use them.

What’s your favorite venue in Kyiv?

Besides Closer? Well, I really love Savage Food – that’s near Closer, btw. And Dom – they create some interesting parties and have really great vegan foods.

Where are you from/in what part of Kyiv do you live?

I live in Darnytsya district – Pozniaky station.

Describe yourself in four words.

Feminism, equality, happiness, truth.

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