The Language of Diplomacy

17 November 2017

According to Reuters news agency, on hearing rumours that Ukraine is to debate cutting all diplomatic ties with Russia, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a phone conference that this move would “further deepen a crisis between the two countries”, and, “hurt the interests of both Ukrainians and Russians”.

Mr. Peskov is less known for his irony than he is dishonesty, but, our comment is this. The crisis between the two countries boils down to the fact that one of the countries, the one Dimmy Peskov speaks for, has invaded the other country. Those actions have certainly hurt the interests of Ukrainian people, nearly two million of whom are internally displaced. It is unlikely the wound could become much bigger. Then again…


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In recent weeks, two more names have been added to the list of those vying for Ukraine’s top job. The number of candidates stands now at 24, with a couple more people still expected to put themselves forward yet. The problem with such a large playing field is that votes are going to be very […]

Ukrainians are rejoicing and singing halleluiah because of the recognition of Ukraine’s own brand of orthodoxy as a separate and independent church. The decision, made by the Constantinople Patriarchate, has angered Moscow who wanted religious ties between the two countries and churches to stay just as they were for reasons too long to go into […]

One of the best things to have happened, for Ukraine, since Donald Trump became President of the United States was the appointment of Ambassador Kurt Volker as special envoy to this region with the specific task of trying to bring peace to the Donbas. Volker has been very active and taken a principled approach to […]

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has just revealed their investment plans for Ukraine for the next five years. The bank is already the largest financial investor in the country, with some 14 billion USD at work across as many as 400 projects. Over the next five years, the bank has pledged to invest […]