The Language of Diplomacy

17 November 2017

According to Reuters news agency, on hearing rumours that Ukraine is to debate cutting all diplomatic ties with Russia, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a phone conference that this move would “further deepen a crisis between the two countries”, and, “hurt the interests of both Ukrainians and Russians”.

Mr. Peskov is less known for his irony than he is dishonesty, but, our comment is this. The crisis between the two countries boils down to the fact that one of the countries, the one Dimmy Peskov speaks for, has invaded the other country. Those actions have certainly hurt the interests of Ukrainian people, nearly two million of whom are internally displaced. It is unlikely the wound could become much bigger. Then again…


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Our guest columnist this week, Yuri Palokiwsky, has eloquently described the Ukrainian perspective on Ukraine’s move to gain more religious autonomy. Moscow has a different perspective. For the nonreligious among us, this may be a confusing topic, but the bottom line is that the activities of the Russian branch of the Orthodox church in Ukraine […]

A man who came out of nowhere, had no political clout or reputation, had no local following or history of community leadership, had been put in charge (by Moscow) of the unrecognised non-entity created (by Moscow) in Ukraine’s Donetsk region that is (nominally) called the “Donetsk People’s Republic.” His name was Alexander Zakharchenko, and he […]

After two successful seasons of holding a national championship, the Ukrainian Ice Hockey Federation announced this summer that they will launch a national women’s team for the first time in 23 years. The federation announced that Vadim Radchenko, coach of the national champion Kharkiv Panthers, will be the team’s first head coach. Tryouts for the […]

In years gone by, Ukrainians were forced to wait in lines outside embassies in all seasons to submit mountains of documents in order to obtain visas to travel to different countries. That was considered “normal”, or at least just how things were. But much has changed over the last few years, and Ukrainians now hold […]