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The Mythical Kingdom

The Mythical Kingdom

On your path to enlightenment, health, and well-being, stop first at Shambala

In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Tantra talks about Shambala as a mythical kingdom. In fact, you do not need to go anywhere as far as the Himalayas in order to engage your inner Buddha. Shambala is in Rozhny, a small municipality just outside of Kyiv, and they are ready to serve. 

The Ayruveda of Modern Life 

Wellness is a buzzword at the moment, and Shambala is certainly buzzing. While the outside of the building is still undergoing some necessary cosmetic procedures, the inside is well on its way to becoming your new go-to in the never-ending search for health, well-being, and inner serenity. From the incredible line-up of treatments and therapies to the pool, sauna, steam room, salt room, gym, and yoga studio within its premises, you are spoiled for choice. And while the venue is still in its soft opening stage, offering a 30% discount on all services, this is a great opportunity to unplug. The packages on offer are plentiful, with your choice of focus on Ayurveda, Wellness, or Spa, with its own options and pricing. All, however, are meant to rejuvenate and allow you to reconnect with your most important energy source. 

What’s Your Dosha?

While there are pockets of adherents, this system of medicine is not something that is terribly familiar in Ukraine. Shambala aims to change that with their Ayruvedic packages, including quick weekend trips to three+ weeks of therapeutic tradition. Your stay will include a consultation with an Ayruvedic practitioner who will assess your dosha and offer recommendations on the best practices surrounding diet, fitness, and general health. The assessment offers interesting insight into finding and maintaining balance within and without.

Wellness and Spa

Amid the Wellness and Spa regimes are a number of package options meant to ensure that when it is indeed time to leave, you do so feeling completely taken care of. With options for same-day treatments of 2 and 3 hours, or 3- and 7-day packages, choose from Relax, Beauty, Detox, and Anti-Age. The spa treatments available can be added on to any package, and are enough to have you thinking and planning your return visit before you even leave. 

Our Favourite Spa Treatment – Toning

Start off in a Svedana – Ayruvedic steam therapy, then get massaged with a grape seed oil and sugar scrub. Rinse and repeat with a honey banana mix and wrap to let seep. You might even fall asleep as your practitioner massages your head. 

Equally Important

To assist in the ultimate transition to wellness, meals are prepared according to Ayurvedic tradition, with no meat, added sugar, caffeine, alcohol, or dairy. Water and tea are available throughout the day, and healthy snacks are provided between mealtimes. At bedtime, your quiet room awaits, where all amenities (with the exception of a TV) are available. 

The mythical kingdom awaits, and the only real question is, when are you going?

Rozhny (Brovarskyi region)
+380 50 500 0288

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