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The oldest Chestnut in Kyiv

The oldest Chestnut in Kyiv

The oldest Chestnut in Kyiv is among a few remarkable old trees around the city which have their own history worth exploring. The most famous tree grows on Starokievskaya Hill: the well-known lime tree of Metropolitan Peter Mogila. The eldest Chestnut tree is not as popular, but has its own story to tell.

This ancient tree is growing in the Goloseevsky district, on the land of the stunning Kitaevsky monastery. Few people visiting the monastery pay attention to this particular tree, but they should. Besides the fact that this chestnut is the oldest, it is also the largest. The well-known figure from the times of the Hetmanate, Petro Mogila, brought a chestnut from his native Wallachia, and planted it near the ancient Trinity Church of the monastery. It cannot be confirmed that it was him who planted it, instead of an ordinary monk, but it’s a nice thought. The chestnut has managed to survive for over 300 years, despite the fact that the monastery was thoroughly reconstructed, and the territory was rebuilt from time to time. 

At the moment, the tree has grown to 15 meters in height. It seems that this chestnut is the “father” of all Kyiv chestnuts. But, despite such a venerable age, the chestnut is in excellent condition, blooms regularly and looks great. In 1994, the tree was consecrated by the abbot of the monastery, Father Miroslav. Later in the 90s, the chestnut was given conservation status, and was included in the book of outstanding trees of Kyiv. The oldest chestnut tree in Kyiv has free access and is a must-see for anyone. 

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