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The Perfect Summer Evening

The Perfect Summer Evening

There are many venues in Kyiv with delicious food, stylish interiors, great bars, and space to watch your favorite movies. But not many of them combine it all
A large summer terrace, poufs, a movie screen – this open-air seasonal location has been perfectly created for night-outs, all-day-long parties, various celebrations, cinema and TV broadcasts, presentations, training, and more. As a combo restaurant, bar, and cinema in the heart of the city, it’s suitable for almost any possible purpose. It is called Rockfellow 210/TRAVA, and we are already enamoured.

At First Glance
With an unusual menu, a sort of underground design, a number of terraces under high trees, and servers walking around with walkie talkies for fast communication (which I think is cool) – everything here caters to your comfort. Once arrived, a server will show you all possible places to chill out. There is a second terrace in addition to the main one – smaller, but no less cosy, and a third with a bar. This is all in addition to their stylish indoor dining area.
We choose “chairs” under the lightly blowing branches of a nearby tree following a short description about each space. You may need to reach out to your server once again with questions on the menu – it has been designed to create a sense of intrigue and is very successful at it. “Something”, “Something more”, “Something else”, “Something to add” – this is how the main categories are labelled in the menu.
Once deciphered, there is something for just about anyone regardless of mood. And it is at this moment you start to really relax and take in the atmosphere. The venue is full, not just of young people, but business people also: one who is in the middle of a seemingly important discussion, another on a laptop, still another on Skype.
A little piece of advice: sit quietly for a moment, watch all of the happy people milling about, and relish in that fact that all is well in this world at this moment. Then, all of a sudden, the food arrives, where what seems like even the simplest thing makes you want to sample it as quickly as possible.

Second Take
Once you’ve tackled the first course – in our case Wings No Wings and Baby Dogs, you will definitely be ready for the next. Repeat. And repeat again.
In addition to a variety of cocktails and other alcohol-based beverages, the bar also offers lemonades and specialty teas. Though both options are available in almost every café or restaurant in Kyiv, we encounter coconut lemonade here for the first time, and it is so good.
We strongly advise you leave space for a dessert. You will not find it in the menu however, as “everyday is different”, creating a wheel of sweet fortune. Though skeptical, I order the tartlet with berry layers. Now a convert, I am ready to go back for seconds.
The hookah is no different story. The menu contains a wide range of premium high-quality tobacco products sure to be appreciated by true fans. We are served by professional hookah experts who take care of you with the highest quality service, which lets you enjoy and relax. Their clear affinity to their cause deserves a separate feature.

The Aftertaste
Returning to the bustle of the city and its monotonous sights, sounds, and smells, the atmosphere of Rockfellow 210/TRAVA will stay with you for a while. As they say – there are places where it is good, and then there are those that you want to keep coming back to… Because, among other things, you never know what dessert the chef will have on the menu!



Wings No Wings 145 UAH
Baby Dogs 115 UAH
Yellow Green Red 130 UAH
Meat Burger 185 UAH
Our Soup 135 UAH
Coconut Lemonade 65 UAH
Beer Grimbergen Double Ambree 80 UAH
Desserts (x2) 190 UAH
Coffee Raf (x2) 100 UAH
Hookah Dark Side  320 UAH

Total 1465 UAH


English Menu +
English-speaking staff +
Wifi +
Price ++
WO Rating  +++++

Make sure you try…

Salmon Grass 170 UAH
Fish Burger 185 UAH
Grilled Corn  50 UAH

Rockfellow 210 / TRAVA
Myhailivsky Provulok 10/2
Hours 11.00 – 01.00
+38 099 121 0210

Once you’ve tackled the first course you will definitely be ready for the next. Repeat. And repeat again

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