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The WO Shopping List

The WO Shopping List

Nina Bohush and Serzh Velichanskyi

Santa may be making a list and checking it twice, but what about you? Have you got a plan for those MVPs in your life? Let us help

Five Holiday Gifts your Man will Love

When it comes to the festive winter season, all women fall into two categories. The first type are those who start planning in October and spend weeks looking for the perfect gift. The second also adore treating their men with meaningful presents but postpone shopping to the last minute. As a result, the shopping ends with “I’m the worst girlfriend in the world” followed by eating a huge chocolate Santa Claus while laying in bed…

Don’t panic, ladies! Your What’s On girls won’t let you suffer through this holiday season. We have compiled a list of the best “for him” gifts you can order in minutes and get them delivered right to your door (or your inbox).

1. For the Explorer

What can be better than exploring new countries together? BezViz made travelling abroad easier, and after Ryanair came to Ukraine we have got an opportunity to travel for the price of a lunch. UIA and WizzAir also offer cheap flights to the most spectacular cities around Europe. The earlier you book your tickets, the less they will cost (search for August-September deals to find the cheapest ones).
Don’t want to wait until August? Then keep an eye out for last-minute flights. Think of the places your sweetheart has always been dreaming about and arrange the trip of his lifetime!
Prices start at 300 UAH.,,


We ho-ho-hope you’ll find time to take care of:

  • A handmade card
  • Attractive gift wrapping
  • Champagne and mandarins
  • Bengal light sticks
  • A fabulous dress to sweep him off his feet

2. Exciting Experiences

Memorable experiences are priceless. Imagine your boyfriend singing out loud at a concert of his favourite band, skydiving, or riding a motorcycle on a dirt track. Does he look happy at that moment? If the answer is “yes”, look out for interesting offers available in Kyiv. Luckily, there are plenty.
Prices start at 200 UAH,,,


3.  Truman Kit for Real Men

If there was a heaven for men, it would include the Truman store. From old-school cut-throat razors and hip flasks to beard balm and denim shirts – Truman has everything a real man needs. Come by and smell the whiskey candles or check out a manicure set. When in the store, create a kit of essentials your man hasn’t even realised he needs.
Prices start at 130 UAH

4. Toys for Boys

If you really want to surprise him with some new tech, you have to find something truly extraordinary to put under the tree. What about a turntable paired with his favourite album or an original Polaroid 636? Complement the camera with special cassettes to start capturing your first memories of 2019.
Smart speakers, VR or 3D headsets for video games and movies have high chances to thrill even the most serious men.
Prices start at 250 UAH,,,

5. Tasteful Accessories for Bold Fashion Statements

We believe every city dweller should have at least one of these: a durable bag, a crafted watch, and warm gloves for touching screens. Indulge your date with a stylish accessory that will make his life in the city more convenient.
Prices start at 560 UAH (bags), (watches), (gloves).

Guys Get your Act Together with these Five Ideas

Whaaaat? Christmass and New Year again? Seems like it was yesterday, and you thought next time you would prepare earlier…yeah, right. Am I the only one, who is never on time with presents and gifts? Some of you, gents, can relate to this as well, I know. As such, I am here for you and have prepared an “emergency pack” of last minute ideas, which you can use to impress your special someone.

1. Fly Away and Explore

Take her to a warm beach and sun for some much-needed vitamin D. Don’t spoil this one. Make it special. Girls dream of hearing the phrase: “Make sure you bring your international passport with you and don’t ask any questions!” But to make it happen you need to think it through. The companies I recommend I have used myself.
Prices start at 160 UAH


2. Jewellery for Some Bling 

This is always a win-win option. But, we often have no idea what she likes. Ladies have multiple criteria for just one small piece of jewellery, which can drive a guy nuts. So, buy a gift certificate! Period! Let her choose a piece for herself, you can stand and look smart as she goes through the selection process. I will share with you a Ukrainian manufacturer, guaranteed to bring joy and happiness to the one you love.
Prices start at 370 UAH


3. A Little Leather

Or, if you want to do something a little more tangible, surprise her with some fabulous leather accessories: a leather bag or leather wallet made in Ukraine of real and/or high-quality vegan leather.
Prices start at 280 UAH


4. A Spa Treatment

An excellent gift: earn brownie points not just with your girl but also her girlfriends by sending them all to a Spa for a days’ worth of pampering! If you do this right, you will thank me – take my word for it!
Prices start at 950 UAH


5. Lingerie as a Sure Fire Winner 

Take your relationship to the next level with a beautiful set of underwear. Get her something lacy and pretty from a Ukrainian brand of handmade lingerie, and both win. Do I have to explain further?
Prices start at 720 UAH

If something goes wrong – you took her to Prague instead of Dubai and she doesn’t like it, don’t blame me! And, by the way, flowers are applicable for any situation, at any time of day and/or night! Have a great holiday season!

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