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The Wonderful World of Jellyfish

The Wonderful World of Jellyfish

Need a brain break, a distraction, or a form of relaxation? Let yourself be hypnotized by the mesmerizing pulses and colours of the creatures we know as jellyfish. 

Descend beneath the street of Khreshatyk and into the dark mysterious world of jellyfish. A collection of extraordinary organisms from waters around the world will wow you. Examine the details of the venomous Blue Blubber, the beauty of the Australian Spotted Jellyfish, and the uniqueness of the Upside Down Jellyfish right in front of your eyes. 

Did you know the lifespan of jellyfish can range from a few months to a few short years? Because of this, the exhibit is always changing!

Jellyfish Museum (Khreshatyk 7)

Children from 110 UAH, Students from 130 UAH, Adults from 150 UAH
English information and English tours available
FB: Jellyfishmuseum
Instagram: jellyfishmuseum

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