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Theatre (December – January)

Theatre (December – January)

Hard to Be an Angel
Empire of the Angels (UA, drama, Visavi Theatre)
22 December at 20.00
Kinopanorama (Shota Rustaveli 19)
Deep in our hearts, many of us believe in a higher power that protects and supports during turbulent times. Surely there must be a personal guardian angel who does everything possible – and impossible – to ward off bad luck as we go? Want to know what it takes to keep us mere mortals protected and alive? Take in Empire of the Angels – a play based on Bernard Werber’s worldwide bestseller. Bringing this novel to stage is a sensational experiment you will definitely enjoy.
Tickets: 150-350 UAH

The Lady-Ghost
Cloak-and-sword comedy in 2 acts
16, 17 December at 19.00
Koleso Kyiv Academic Theatre (Andriivskyi Descent 8)
Tickets: 180 UAH

Relationshit Happens
Performance in English
17 December at 19.00
ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Smolenska 3)
Tickets: 100 UAH

The Dearest People Who Can Say Something…
Verbatim (documentary theatre)
17 December at 17.00
Actor Theatre (Velyka Zhytomyrska 40)
Tickets: 200-400 UAH

Virsky National Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
Show featuring over 100 performers
18 December at 19.00
Palace of Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)
Tickets: 50-1 000 UAH

Early in the Morning
Play performed before work
19 December at 7.00
Theatre of the Absurd. Rostok Palace of Culture (Harmatna 26/2)
Tickets: 200 UAH

Kutaisi. Georgian State Song and Dance Ensemble (GE)
Music and dance show
20 December at 19.00
October Palace (Instytutska 1)
Tickets: 150-900 UAH

Music for Kings, Baroque Masterpieces
In programme: Bach, Handel, Platti, Fritz, Benda
21 December at 19.00
House of Actor (Yaroslaviv Val 7)
Tickets: 50-100 UAH

Our Schoolmates
Scandalous play
22 December at 19.00
Stage 6 (Vasylkivska 1)
Tickets: 150-300 UAH

Chaos. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Modern comedy
22 December at 19.00

House of Officers (Mykhaila Hrushevskoho 30/1)
Tickets: 175-450 UAH

Strauss in Operetta
New Year concert
22, 23 December at 19.00
Kyiv Academic Operetta Theatre (V Vasylkivska 53/3)
Tickets: 90-500 UAH

Winter Evening with Classical Music
Festive concert
23, 24 December at 19.00

Kyiv Conservatory (Arkhitektora Horodetskoho 1-3/11)
Tickets: 100-450 UAH

Christmas Classical Music Night
Festive concert
24, 25, 26 December at 19.00

Ivan Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3)
Tickets: 300-1 550 UAH

Christmas Eve
Show based on Gogol’s works
25 December at 19.00
October Palace (Instytutska 1)
Tickets: 230-490 UAH

A Thousand Lights
New Year show, classical music and jazz
30 December at 20.00
Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)
Tickets: 200-2 550 UAH

The Nutcracker
Classical ballet in 2 acts
30, 31 December, 2-5 January at 12.00, 19.00
National Opera of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)
Tickets: 20-2 000 UAH

Ukraine’s Main New Year’s Eve Night!
Show featuring leading Ukrainian actors and pop stars
31 December at 22.00
Freedom Event Hall (Kyrilivska 134)
Tickets: 12 000-20 000 UAH

Love. Drugs. Chanson
A star’s confession. Based on Edith Piaf’s memoirs, play in 2 acts
7 January at 19.00
New Ukrainian Theatre, lower stage (Mykhailivska 24b)
Tickets: 180 UAH

Black Square Theatre production
10 January at 19.30
Caribbean Club (Symona Petlyury 4)
Tickets: 120-520 UAH

Vocal Zone
Acapella festival named after Mykhnovetsky
13 January at 18.00
Kyiv Conservatory (Arkhitektora Horodetskoho 1-3/11)
Tickets: 250-690 UAH

The Nutcracker
Kyiv Modern Ballet
13 January at 19.00
October Palace (Instytutska 1)
Tickets: 200-750 UAH

Shchedryk, Ukrainian Christmas carols
Concert featuring Volyn Folk Choir
14 January at 19.30
National Opera of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)
Tickets: 100-660 UAH


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