Theatre (June – July)

15 June 2018

Myths Never Die
Oresteia (UA, play)
20-24 June at 19.00
Academic Drama Theatre on Podil (Andriivskyi Descent 20b)
The Misanthrope Theatre has combined efforts with the Theatre on Podil to treat us to an extraordinary project revealing the quintessence of acting tools and latest in IT trends and staging capabilities. Rooted in ancient Greek tragedies, the play transforms into an intellectual spectacle that stimulates audiences’ aesthetic engagement and philosophical reflections through physicality and beauty of the human body. Modern technology serves as the hero to create a modern myth about an individual seeking self-identity in today’s society.
Tickets: 200 – 700 UAH

Ukrainian Breakthrough
When Ferns Bloom (UA, opera and ballet)
22-23 June at 19.00
National Opera of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)
40 years ago, this performance would have become a global phenomenon to mark the emergence of an innovative genre – folk opera. Its author Yevhen Stankovych, now a celebrated contemporary Ukrainian composer, combined traditional singing and ancient melodies with avant-garde symphonic music. The opera was commissioned by a French concert firm for the Veryovka Ukrainian National Academic Choir scheduled for October 1978. Unfortunately, it was never staged in Kyiv – top officials from Moscow banned the production. Luckily, the Lviv National Opera has renewed it and presents a stunning show with a contemporary approach to Ukraine’s fun-loving pagans to the freedom-fighting Cossacks.
Tickets: 80 – 1 000 UAH
Take a sneak peek here:

You and Me Equals Us
Second Floor. Us (UA, two one-act ballets)
30 June at 19.00
Kyiv Academic Molodyi Theatre and baza.artpeople (Prorizna 17)
These two contemporary ballets are the joint effort of Molodyi Theatre and baza.artpeople, an independent association of creative individuals who use a variety of styles, techniques and trends in one dance. Set to music by James Blake, Nils Frahm, and Gustavo Santaolalla, Second Floor is all about relationships, connections, and conflicts between people who are both so alike and so different. Us is a romantic tale about two individuals who get lost in the mountains to find each other.
Tickets: 140 – 500 UAH
Take a sneak peek here:

Stories in Tango Style. Tropical Carnival. Premiere
One-act contemporary ballet and choral composition
17 June at 19.00
Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2)

Tickets: 40 – 180 UAH

The House of Yes
Twin spin story. Premiere
17, 23 June at 19.00
ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Smolenska 3)
Tickets: 150 UAH

New Experimental Stage Lab
16-17, 23-24 June at 19.30
Kyiv Academic Operetta Theatre (V Vasylkivska 53/3)
Tickets: 200 UAH

Malmö Academic Choir and Orchestra
In programme: contemporary Swedish music
19 June at 19.00
National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskyi Descent 2)
Tickets: 70 – 300 UAH

Julius Caesar
Two-act ballet. Premiere
20, 26 June at 19.00
National Opera of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)
Tickets: 20 – 500 UAH

Mariinskyi Park Tales
Unique multi-genre performance
21 June at 20.00
Kyiv Fortress (Hospitalna 24a)
Tickets: 100 UAH

Honey Baby. Wild Theatre
Very radical black comedy
22 June at 20.30
Stage 6 (Vasylkivska 1)
Tickets: 100 – 500 UAH
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Kyiv Tango Project
Virtuoso orchestra
23 June at 19.00
Caribbean Club (Symona Petlyury 4)
Tickets: 150 – 790 UAH

I Will Buy You Maldives. Premiere
Comedy of situation
26 June at 19.00
Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)
Tickets: 200 – 400 UAH

With Love, Ukraine
Virsky National Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
27 June at 19.00
Freedom Event Hall (Kyrylivska 134)
Tickets: 200 – 550 UAH

Star Sounds, Cinematic Symphony
Eclectic Sound Orchestra
29 June at 19.30
Kyiv Planetarium (V Vasylkivska 57/3)
Tickets: 150 – 350 UAH

Who Wants Who
Black Square Improvisation Theatre
4 July at 19.30
Caribbean Club (Symona Petlyury 4)
Tickets: 150 – 580 UAH

Backstage Comedy
One day in life of drama theatre actors
11 July at 19.00
Lesia Ukrainka Theatre (Khmelnytskoho 5)
Tickets: 80 – 600 UAH

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