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Three New Eateries to Try in Adaptive Quarantine

Three New Eateries to Try in Adaptive Quarantine

As we enter the new stage of adaptive quarantine, restaurants and cafes are allowed to welcome guests not only to their summer terraces but inside as well.

The era of the new normal is evolving every single day, and we are still adapting to social distancing and strict hygiene measures in many aspects of life. However, it is human nature to want to explore and discover new things, and as we enter into adaptive quarantine, we can slowly start to do this again. So, if you are a bit tired of picnics and want to go out for a delicious dinner, we have some great choices for you. 


Zweig Bar

The official caption of Zwieg’s Bar is “drink. eat. read” – so let’s decipher this description. Drink: Zweig bar offers a wide selection of wines, aperitifs, and masterfully crafted cocktails to keep you feeling fresh on these hot summer days. Eat: The bar’s chef, Edik Kanarian, was a contestant of MasterChef Ukraine and is known for his technique of combining ingredients to add unique flavours to dishes. Just imagine how rich the taste of beetroot soup with honeysuckle and pike caviar (155 UAH) might be, or maybe you’d try the sea bass paired with strawberry, mango, tarragon, and chilli (255 UAH). Read: the concept behind the bar was inspired by Austrian writer Stefan Zweig. To elevate this theme, the cafe also has a book section where you can browse and buy a book or two after your delicious meal. 

Moskovskaya Street 8
Mon-Sun 11.00 – 23.00
Instagram @zweig.kyiv


Chang is among those places that have transformed the quarantine. The venue used to focus on Vietnamese cuisine, but the pandemic inspired the team to broaden its menu to one that encompasses many different Asian cuisines. Some of the delicious meals you can try include: a flavoursome Vietnamese pho bo soup with beef (138 UAH); gedzas aka Japanese style dumplings with various fillings (gedza with pork and beef 145 UAH/ with shrimps 210 UAH); xiaolongbao aka steamed Chinese dumplings with turkey or beef (145 UAH); rolls with spicy shrimp (315 UAH). So, if you’re in the mood for Asian, definitely try Chang – the eccentric atmosphere of the place will transport you to another world. 

Yaroslaviv Val 23a
Mon – Sun 11.00 – 22.30
Instagram @chang.bistronomia
Facebook @chang.bistronomia

Living Room 

The Living Room is a spacious venue with a large terrace, so it’s perfect for big groups. It used to be located under the mural of Cossack at Kontraktova Ploscha, but now you’ll find it at its new location at Naberezhno-Kreshatytska, in Podil. The menu features middle eastern dishes like hummus (90 UAH), delicious baba ganoush, homemade spicy lamb, and veal sausages. Be ready to try some savoury and tender-flavoured dishes while you sit back and watch the sunset. It’s in a perfect location where you can take a stroll before or after your meal, enjoying Podils funky vibe. 

Naberezhno-Khreschatytska 31
Mon – Sun 18.00 – 02.00
Instagram @livingroom.kyiv
Facebook @livingroom.kiev

Our advice is: don’t forget to follow the social distancing rules so that you can enjoy your meals to the fullest.

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