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Time to Cocktail

Time to Cocktail

Cocktail Week – the festival of breakfasts, comes to Kyiv 23-29 April, featuring 16 fabulous bars in the city, featuring four fabulous cocktails at an incredible price of just 300 UAH
Thanks to RestoWeek, Kyiv’s favourite group of gastronomic festivals, residents and guests of Kyiv have the unique opportunity to become better acquainted with venues they might never have visited before.
What you can expect: a variety of different cocktails from every participating venue in the festival, including trusted favourites like the Bloody Mary and Cosmopolitan, as well as not-so-well-known options: El Chuncho Horney Jack, and Agent Provocateur.
All cocktails in the special available all day, every day, except Fridays and Saturdays after 18.00. So wait no more – get out there and get your cocktail on!

What’s On the Menu
Price: 300 UAH for 4 cocktails

To Be
(Verhniy Val 2a)

  1. Toronto – 80 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, Cynar, Branca Menta, cacao liqueur, Orleans bitters)
  2. Morning Dew – 100 ml (Finlandia Grapefruit, suze, vanilla liqueur, bitter, simple syrup, lemon juice, egg white)
  3. El Chuncho – 170 ml (white rum, lemongrass infused grappa, lychee liqueur, bitter, coconut-sorrel cordial, ginger ale, lime juice)
  4. Paloma – 190 ml (tequila blanco, mezcal, rhubarb liqueur, cardamom bitters, lemon juice, grapefruit beer)

Hedonist Bar & Kitchen
(Antonovycha 45) 

  1. Jumpin Jack Flash – 310 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, liqueur, pineapple juice, orange juice, garnish – toasted pineapple + mint)
  2. Summer Groove – 480 ml (Finlandia vodka infused on kumquat, pomegranate juice, pomegranate syrup, lemon juice, pineapple juice)
  3. Muses – 200 ml (brandy, vanilla syrup, grapefruit juice, ginger ale, garnish – grapefruit slice)
  4. Naomi Campbell – 160 ml (gin, cynar bitter, Rosso Antico, wine, garnish – orange slice)

(Antonovycha 81)

  1. La Provence – 350 ml (Absenteroux vermouth, lime cordial, Indian Tonic, cucumber, cola bitters)
  2. Spanish Garden – 170 ml (Finlandia Grapefruit, banana liqueur, carrot cordial, lemon, zephyr bitters, Easy foam)
  3. Tiki Boulevardier – 370 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, pineapple cordial, Campari, Maldon salt solution, Elemule Tikiak bitters)
  4. Bottled Bicicletta – 250 ml (Aperol, Pinot Grigio white wine, soda water, lemon oil, Demerara, orange bitters)

(Horodetskoho 4)

  1. Bloody Mary – 250 ml served in a can (dill infused Finlandia Vodka, tomato juice, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup)
  2. Horney Jack – 130 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old # 7, Aperol, sea-buckthorn, lemon, sugar)
  3. Bread Sour – 110 ml (bread brandy liqueur, ginger, honey, lemon, egg white)
  4. Another Spritz – 180 ml (pineapple brandy liqueur, Campari, Prosecco)

De Bosch
(Shota Rustaveli 12) 

  1. Abigale – 140 ml (Finlandia vodka, coffee liqueur, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, coffee-beer foam)
  2. Jack Rose – 140 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old # 7, thorny gin, rose syrup, lemon juice)
  3. Rose Dragon – 140 ml (Finlandia Lime, lychee liqueur, raspberry syrup, lemon juice)
  4. South Asia Sour – 140 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old # 7, passion fruit syrup, lemon juice, aromatic bitter, egg white)

(Yaroslaviv Val 9) 

  1. Beetsy – 300 ml (Finlandia Vodka, beetroot fresh juice, cranberry, basil, Dorblu syrup, cocoa, a mixture of peppers)
  2. Wake Up – 120 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old # 7, Cold Brew, jasmine tea syrup, bleached fresh lemon juice, Amaro Montenegro)
  3. Agent Provocateur – 140 ml (Finlandia Lime, Sauvignon blanc, sugar syrup, fresh grapefruit juice)
  4. Deficite – 250 ml (nut oil infused tequila, orange peel infused coffee liqueur, foam from salted condensed milk)

Gastro Bar No7
(Pushkinska 9a)

  1. Jack’s Lucky 7 – 110 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old # 7, yuzu puree, apricot jam, fresh lemon juice, bitters)
  2. Sweet Sin – 100 ml (gin, red vermouth, strawberry syrup, fresh lime juice)
  3. Blackcurrant Tini – 110 ml (Finlandia Blackcurrant, fresh grapefruit juice, vanilla syrup, vermouth, grenadine)
  4. Mexicano Old Fashion – 60 ml (El Jimador Reposado, agave syrup, bitter)

Dusha Espresso Bar
(Lva Tolstoho 39)

  1. Finlandia Grapefruit Fizz – 280 ml (Finlandia Grapefruit, Aperol, 20% cream, fresh grapefruit juice, sugar syrup, fresh lemon juice, egg white, soda water)
  2. Bono – 120 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old # 7, peach liqueur, peach puree, cinnamon syrup, fresh lemon juice)
  3. Prohibited – 230 ml (gin, lychee puree, lemongrass syrup, Ginger Ale soda, acacia and jasmine foam)
  4. Norman Collins – 100 ml (2 kinds of rum, Amaro Montenegro, cherry syrup)

(Hrushevskoho 3) 

  1. Hang Hooligan – 135 ml (Aperol, gin, passion fruit syrup, fresh lemon, egg white)
  2. Currant Candy – 115 ml (Finlandia Vodka, syrup caramel, currant syrup cassis, fresh lemon, mint)
  3. Corn Sour – 125 ml (vanilla vodka, apple syrup syrup, caramel syrup, fresh lemon, egg white)
  4. Honeysh Money – 450 ml (Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, beer, syrup, fresh lemon, ginger fresh)

KO&KO bar
(Pushkinska 11) 

  1. Banana – 180 ml (Jack Daniel`s Old #7, rum, banana juice, strawberry puree, vanilla syrup, sauer mix)
  2. Spicy Rabbit – 170 ml (Jack Daniel`s Tennessee Honey, herbal liquor, absinthe, honey syrup, carrot fresh, sauer mix, cinnamon powder)
  3. Night Flower – 180 ml (prosecco, gin, elderberry syrup, soda, fresh lemon juice)
  4. Thе Black Pearl – 160 ml (Finlandia Blackcurrant, prosecco, blackcurrant syrup, sauer mix, fresh lime)

Maral bar
(Shota Rustaveli 15a) 

  1. House Prospector – 110 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, averna, hazelnut liqueur, rum)
  2. Miss Rose – 160 ml (Finlandia Redberry, Vanilla infused Finlandia Vodka, french vanilla syrup, rose water, Mascarpone, greek yogurt, egg white)
  3. Jungle Bird – 140 ml (Grenadine syrup, lime juice, pineapple juice, bitter liqueur, Aperol, black spiced rum, Cuba rum)
  4. Cold Becher – 180 ml (French vanilla syrup, stout syrup, cold brew coffee, lemon juice, pineapple juice, herbal lemon liqueur)

(Nyzhniy Val 19) 

  1. Floris – 160 ml (passion fruit vodka, violet liqueur, citrus vodka, lemon grass syrup, lemon fresh)
  2. Passion Daiquiri – 200 ml (rum, passion fruit liqueur, pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice, coconut syrup)
  3. Devil’s Kiss – 200 ml (Finlandia Vodka, honey chili syrup, lemon, strawberry puree egg white)
  4. Second Birth – 150 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, liqueur black currant, sugar syrup, lemon fresh, bitter)

Bezdelniki Bar
(Saksahanskoho 38) 

  1. POP – 80 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, Liqueur Amaretto Designed, sherry, nutty bitter)
  2. Caspian Sea – 120 ml (Finlandia Grapefruit, liqueur elder, elderberry syrup, fresh grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, cream balsamic, fresh lemon, salt)
  3. Mister Fox – 120 ml (rum, passion fruit puree, sugar syrup, lemon fresh, egg white, bitter)
  4. French Kaffir – 110 ml (gin, fresh lemon, syrup kaffir, prosecco)

Dom Bar
(Sahaydachnoho 10/5A) 

  1. Cosmopolitan – 160 ml (Finlandia Vodka, rose syrup, cordial raspberry / lime / rose, fresh lemon, orange liqueur)
  2. Back to The Future – 180 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, syrup pepsi, liqueur, brut)
  3. Rested Jalapeño – 175 ml (Tequila infused with jalapeño, sugar syrup, fresh lemon, fresh grapefruit)
  4. Japanese – 100 ml (Brandy, syrup of hazelnut, fresh lemon)

Rooster Grill Bar
(V Vasylkivska 68) 

  1. 7th Avenue – 100 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, sweet vermouth, medium sweet sherry, bitter, garnish – amarena cherry)
  2. Big Secret – 180 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, raspberry puree, fresh lemon juice, egg white, garnish – mint leaves, fresh raspberries, sugar powder)
  3. Finlandia Fresh Fizz – 250 ml (Finlandia vodka, honey syrup, lemon juice, apple juice, soda water, fresh cucumber, fresh mint, garnish – fresh cucumber, dehydrated slice of apple)
  4.  Spring Blossom – 200 ml (Finlandia vodka, peach puree, fresh lemon juice, elderflower syrup, egg white, peychaud bitter)

Almondo Night Party Bar
(Lesi Ukrainky 34) 

  1. Tennessee Uzvar – 75 ml (Jack Daniel’s Old #7, infused with dried pears, cane sugar, Bitter End, Memphis Barbeque)
  2. B.Yellow – 160 ml (Finlandia Lime, pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut puree, basil)
  3. Laurel Martini – 80 ml (gin, dry vermouth, laurel syrup)
  4. Montenegro Mint Tea – 70 ml (Amaro Montenegro, aperitif Lillet blanc, gin, mint, sugar)

For more info, go to FB RestoWeek

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