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Top 3 Radio Stations

Top 3 Radio Stations

The ability to tune into just about any station in any country in the world is a reality when you’ve got an unlimited amount of Wi-Fi. What if you’re stuck in your car and traffic isn’t moving? For all those long commutes across town or big out-of-town journeys, a list of our favourite stations playing quality music.

LOUNGE FM | 99.4 fm

Your everyday vacation. A pure flow of chill-out vibes, jazz, and relaxing tunes. Take a second to feel the rhythm, enjoy the moment, and stop rushing. To add, they air almost no commercials.

RADIO ROCKS | 103.6 fm

What can we say – it’s one of the most popular radio stations in Ukraine, covering 85 cities. Radio Rocks plays classic western rock of the 70s and 80s, international hits, and highlights only the best local and international bands. We recommend it to anyone who no longer lives with his mother and knows a little about how to rock.

PROSTO RADIO | 102.5 fm

A great station for boosting your mood, listening to this channel you will hear only top-quality music from the world’s best musicians. Never will you hear the likes of Philip Kirkorov, chanson, or pop. Rather, they position themselves as “a completely different station”, and we concurr – they are!

Take a listen. Let us know. And thank us later.

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