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Top 5 News Stories 11 June

Top 5 News Stories 11 June

1. There have been a total of 28 381 people in Ukraine affected by the Covid virus, which is up 525 from yesterday. A total of 833 people have died, and 12 769 people have recovered. Link

2. Six regions, inlcuding Kyiv, are not ready yet to move to the lockdown easing as was supposed to happen on 10 June. While the rest of the country moves forward, Kyiv, Volyn, Zhytomyr, Zakarpattia, Lviv, Rivne, and Chernivtsi regions will remain at the current level of restrictions says Ukraine’s Deputy Health Minister, Chief State Sanitary Doctor Viktor Liashko. As of 10 June, Ukraine had 28 381 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases, with some 525 new cases were confirmed over the past day. Link

3. Court hearings on the MH17 case regarding the downing of the Malaysian passenger plane will continue in the Netherlands on 22 June. The defence has one-and-a-half weeks to present their case. Recall that on 17 July 2014 the Boeing 777, headed for Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam was shot down over over the Russian-occupied territory of Ukraine in the Dontesk region. All 298 people were killed. Link 

4. The National Bank of Ukraine weakened the rate of hryvnia to the euro by 20 cents yesterday, which means the official rate of the hryvnia to the euro is set at 30.28 hryvnia. Link

5. Ukraine’s courts authorised the arrest of former people’s deputy Konstantyn Zhevaho, who is suspected of embezzlement of the property of the Finance and Credit bank. A request for the arrest of the property of the ex-MP is also being considered. Link

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