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Top 5 News Stories 12 June

Top 5 News Stories 12 June

1. There have been a total of 29 070 people in Ukraine affected by the Covid virus, which is up 689 from yesterday – a new high. A total of 854 people have died, and 13 141 people have recovered. Link

2. The US plans to give Ukraine 250 million USD in aid. The funds are to be used for for training and equipment to strengthen the country’s ability defend itself against Russia. The Pentagon said the aid “reaffirms the long-standing defense relationship between the United States and Ukraine.” Since 2014, the US has provided 1.5 billion USD in security assistance. Link

3. Despite the current reality, in three years of visa-free travel, Ukrainians have made amost 49 million trips to the EU. Since June 11 2017, Ukrainians have most extensively crossed the border with Poland; the border with Hungary and Romania has also been active; and, to a lesser exten the border with Slovakia. Link

4. A document confirming threats of the Russian Ministry of Defence to launch an air attack on Ukraine, after Ukraine had announced its plans to conduct a military exercise near Crimea, has been uncovered. “The Ministry of Defence of the Russian federation cautions, that if the rockets are launched within the indicated area, they will be destroyed by the air defence forces of the Russian Federation,” states the cable. “Should these rockets create danger for the Russian objects, located within the stated Russian territory (be it ground, sea of air), there will be military strikes to destroy the equipment used in the launches,” the cable continues. Link

5. Cinemas to open on 2 July, not 10 June, says Ministry of Health and Ministry of Culture due to a lack of films. Despite a number of mass cultural events already allowed in the country, cinemas will remain closed in Ukraine until the beginning of July. Link

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