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Top 5 News Stories 13 June

Top 5 News Stories 13 June

1. As of 18 May, Ukraine has 30 436 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Among cases, 886 people have died while 13 993 have recovered.

2. Mayor Klitschko and other authorities are considering reimplementing stricter quarantine measures in the city of Kyiv due to the increase in cases since its relaxation on 23 May. The city must postpone opening up large scale indoor facilities and establishments. Closing public transport again is being considered.

3. Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov sanctions the observance of weddings during this pandemic as long as specific requirements are followed:
-the wedding party and guests cannot enter an establishment without an employee;
-there must be no more than 10 people;
-the kitchen must be separated from the guests by a partition;
-buffets or self-service food of any kind is prohibited;
-no more than four people may sit at a table (not including children under the age of 14)

4. The first lady, Elena Zelensky has tested positive for coronavirus although she has been fully compliant with the guidelines of quarantine. Currently, the first lady shows no symptoms and is doing out-patient treatment at home while remaining quarantined from her family. She encourages all citizens to be as diligent as possible in regard to quarantine measures, not just for oneself but out of personal responsibility for the safety of all people.

5. President Zelensky, in conversation with the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven, discussed the possibility of implementing recycling plants in Ukraine. After thanking the Prime Minister for Sweden’s continued support regarding the sovereignty of Ukraine and her territory, they discussed the Normandy Format ending the war in Donbass and resolving the initial crisis which began in Crimea.

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