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Top 5 News Stories 17 June

Top 5 News Stories 17 June

1. COVID-19 Update – Take it serious, folks! In the past 24 hours, there have been another 666 new COVID-19 cases found in Ukraine. The significant increase of COVID-19 cases during the last week is due to people’s neglect of the rules of personal protection and social distance, says the Ministry of Health. They warn that some outbreaks are associated with mass events, holidays, and concerts and that people should not let down their guards. In an effort to get more people to wear masks, the government plans to increase the administrative penalty for those not in compliance, reports UNIAN. Remember, quarantine hasn’t been lifted – it’s only been adapted. Link

2. Ukrainian First Lady Hospitalised with COVID-19. Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska has been hospitalised with what is being reported as “moderate coronavirus”, says TIME Magazine. The President’s Office reported that she remains stable and that President Zelenskyy and their two kids have tested negative. Zelenska’s hospitalisation comes just days after President Zelenskyy said he considered infecting himself with COVID-19 specifically to show Ukrainians that literally anyone can contract it (in the end, he decided against it as it would look too much like a publicity stunt. The latest in a string of first ladies to catch the disease, including Canada’s and Spain’s, Zelenska says she remains in high spirits. Link

3. Piraters Beware! It might not be as easy to access pirated materials anymore, after the Ukrainian government looked to crack down on the industry. The government took a big stride on its way to meeting the criteria for EU accession by passing a law that would establish a national intellectual property body. The new body will be known as the National Intellectual Property Authority of Ukraine (NIPO) and will operate under the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Agriculture. Link 

4. More record-breaking heat. After a winter warm enough to not require a winter jacket, the heat continues to cook Kyiv. The city set a heat record on Friday (12 June). The 27.90 temperature beat 2010’s old record by 0.10 to lay claim to the hottest day in 140 years of weather-keeping. The weather continues to affect Kyiv, with the stifling heat being broken by heavy storms and peaceful rainbows. Expect the extreme weather to continue, at minimum, throughout the week. Link

5. Dynamo to Play in Ukrainian Cup semifinals. The city’s beloved Dynamo Kyiv will play minnows FC Mynai – the only team left from outside the Ukrainian Premiere League. Dynamo qualified for the semifinals by beating Oleksandriya in the quarterfinals – the day before quarantine began – and rivals Shakhtar Donetsk in extra time in the Round of 16. The game starts today at 14.00 and will be held at Mynai Stadium in the Uzhhorrod region. The winner will play for the Ukrainian Cup against the winner of the Poltava – Vorskla. That match that is scheduled for next week. Link

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