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Up and Running

Up and Running

Wizz Air is holding its 10th annual marathon in Kyiv on 5-6 October. For some, it’s a reason to complain about the city-wide road closures; for others, it presents an exciting opportunity to get up and – you guessed it – run

As well as getting some exercise, running can be a great way to relax and stop thinking about your problems – to clear your head, get some fresh air and some new perspective. Runners aren’t a new phenomenon in Kyiv – their numbers are growing as the sport becomes more popular. Just imagine, in 2010, as few as 546 people ran in the Wizz Air marathon, while in 2018, a staggering 11 607 people took part, with 15 000 supporting on the sidelines.

Lace Up

Running in Kyiv can be paired with sightseeing; with its wonderful architecture, the historical centre offers great routes for runners. There are hills for the initiated, who like a bit of a challenge, as well as flatter routes for those who prefer a more leisurely jaunt. Run by yourself to get some much-needed personal space. Or, if you prefer to run in a crowd, join a running club. They have sprung up all over and are often spotted in the city’s parks or even on Khreschatyk.

Experts such as Eliud Kipchoge suggest that a run should be combined with another form of exercise, a workout for example, to get the full effect. And for this, Kyiv is undeniably well-equipped. Aside from having a vast number of gyms, Ukraine’s capital is full of open-air urban workout stations.

WO Recommends:

Mariinsky Park

USP: in the heart of the city
Surface: asphalt paths
Gradient: mostly flat
Best time to go: early morning (in the evening it is flooded with visitors)

Spivoche Pole

USP: staggering nature and great views
Surface: asphalt paths
Gradient: hilly, steep
Best time to go: anytime, since it’s not usually overcrowded. Flower exhibitions are held here from time to time, which only add to the experience.

Poshtova Ploshcha and Kontraktova Ploshcha

USP: ideal sightseeing run
Surface: asphalt
Gradient: flat
Best time to go: early mornings

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