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We Can’t Always See But We Can Still Believe

We Can’t Always See But We Can Still Believe

For the Orthodox, today is Thomas Sunday. The overarching statement is, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” During this unsettling time of COVID-19, it is hard to believe. We are all worried about our loved ones and communities. As the quarantine extends, it is hard to keep the end in sight. Our careers and summer plans keep being pushed to the right, and it seems impossible to plan anything right now. We can’t clearly see our futures now, but the truth is that if we keep faith — in whatever we believe in —  we will stay on the right track. 

For the little things that we can control, it’s important to stay faithful in the little things. Being faithful in the little things translates to being faithful in the bigger things. We can never fully control our lives. The current world situation is teaching us that no matter our planning, we can never really truly see the future. However, even without clear sight, the only way to cope is to continue walking in faith. In the end, faith is more productive and edifying to ourselves and others; it offers peace to the soul.

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