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15 January 2018

Craft vs Pub
Like many establishments set up on the back of a burgeoning scene, this cellar bar is a little out of the way. Still, it occupies a space in one of Kyiv’s most vibrant and hippest neighborhoods – Podil, and is worth venturing to. Craft vs Pub specialises in locally produced craft beers, deviating from Ukrainian-brewed beers only to offer some Polish variants to bolster its range. That amounts to up to 18 Ukrainian brews on tap, plus an extensive bottled selection that, combined, amounts to more than 30 different beers. The range is extensive enough to please even the most expert connoisseur.
Its minimalistic, no-fuss, almost industrial-style interior spread across two halls does not distract from the job at hand, which is to sample quality crafted beers in good company at what are reasonable prices. Your research will be complemented by decent food based on pub stables but with a unique twist and great service that really gives you the impression the staff have an extensive knowledge of the craft beer industry.
There is a reason for this: Craft vs Pub (like many similar institutions across the capital) is an independent business. The owner is almost always onsite and this is another feature that sets this joint apart from the cookie-cutter franchises that dominate the Kyiv bar and restaurant landscape. In our books, that is reason enough to look for places like this for a different experience.
Craft vs Pub is the ideal place to while away an evening as winter continues.

Craft vs Pub (Nyzhnii Val 37/20)
Open: 16.00 – 02.00
+38 050 272 1434
FB craftvspub


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