When in doubt, Brunch

15 January 2018

The colder temps are making it very easy to remain inside come the weekend. Got no plans this Sunday? Book a table, and brunch.
Yes, to brunch. We can (and have) spent hours brunching given the right occasion. And, with this absolutely non-exclusive list of Kyiv eateries at your fingertips, you too can brunch to your heart’s, and belly’s content.
Barvy bill themselves as a restaurant of contemporary Ukrainian cuisine, so it is no surprise that their brunch is laden with local gastronomic delights. Here’s the kicker: sourcing locally and helping Ukrainian businesses means Barvy can offer this three hour all-you-can-eat feast for just 459 UAH. No, that’s not a typo.
Call to reserve, +38 098 306 3333.
Zheltok is a popular little restaurant chain operating four locations in Kyiv. Designed in the style of an American diner, the interior and menu offer familiarity and comfort for North Americans especially, especially if you’re looking for the famed Sunday breakfast plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes.
Find their locations at www.zheltok.ua
The considered opinion among the gourmet community in Kyiv is that the best brunch in the city is at Grill Asia, in the Hyatt. The only problem with this particular brunch is that it is not held often enough! What used to be a regular Sunday feast is now only available on special occasions, with the next event scheduled for International Women’s Day – 8 March.
You will need a reservation – huge waiting lists + are commonplace, +38 044 581 1234.
If you don’t want to wait for a special occasion to treat yourself to 5-star luxury, don’t worry, the Hilton has got your back! Their brunch is open to all every single Sunday. The restaurant is opulent and the wines flow freely from start to finish. Not inexpensive, but 5 star is 5 star, and this is 5 star.
Find them at Blvd Shevchenko 30, call them at +38 044 393 5400
We wrote about the fabulous interior design of Casa Nori in Podil a few months back, this Sunday make some time to check out both the design and food over a long Bunch. Their Eggs Affogatto with truffle is to die for, not to mention the super selection of cicchetti, and quality Italian cheeses,
For an advance look at their mouth-watering menu, go to www.casa-nori.com
Several of the Borysov family of restaurants have brunch offerings, Barsyk is a restaurant of European and Ukrainian cuisine located in Pechersk, Vatra is a steakhouse located on Horodetskoho just off Khreschatyk, and Ronin is a restaurant offering a unique Japanese/Peruvian based dining experience located behind the Kyiv Zoo. Each offer their own take on this super Sunday pastime – all you have to do is decide what you’re after.
For contacts check out www.borisov.com.ua
Tres Branche is a lovely little French bistro-resto located next to the beautiful Golden Gate monument. Inside, tables are snugly set close together, as they would be in almost any eatery in France. Start with their tasting plate, and then take in, literally, the eggs benedict with a choice of ham or salmon accompanying perfectly-poached eggs and spot-on hollandaise sauce. To be enjoyed with ample quantities of their very drinkable, French, house wine.
Find them at Lysenko 4, call ahead (advised): +38 044 278 6125.

Lana & Paul Niland

Nina’s Favorite Spot to Brunch Spot
Kachorovska на Льва
Having brunch in Kachorovska is more akin to waking up in a paradise with only one difference – fancy shoes and fabulous bags act as breathtaking scenery. Stop in at 08.00 and be treated to fresh-baked croissants with soulful coffee. Take your time before the place gets crowded with city shoe lovers and coffee-to-go fans.

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