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Wondering where to get a Covid test?

Wondering where to get a Covid test?

Covid has changed our lives dramatically and continues to do so. Simple safety measures have become part of our everyday lives: follow social distancing rules, wear a mask, wash our hands, and use antiseptic. If you have symptoms like a dry cough, high temperature, and fatigue or you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive, it’s important to get tested. Where and how? What’s On helps to answer these questions. 

First of all, you should contact your doctor who can help provide the best advice, and give you a referral to be tested in the public hospital for free. (The results of the test will be available in two days, but it can take more time depending on the workload of the Kyiv City Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. Click here for more information. Without a doctor’s referral, a test will cost you 1040 UAH (38 $). The laboratory is located on Estonska St. 3 or call the number: 400-50-36, 427-33-74, or 400-73- 54. 

Another option is to use RT-PCR in the DNK laboratory but you may experience a long waiting list. It cost 700 UAH (26 $) and you get the results on the site in one day. Visit their site for more information  

Private clinics offer you RT-PCR from 740 to 2000 UAH (27–73$). The results will be available in one to two days. Some clinics have the option to request a house call by a nurse. The price doesn’t change, but you should fill out the form in advance. 

Ukrainian Covid statistics prove that the virus is not going away, so stay safe and take care of yourself and people around you.

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