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World Cat Day – Adopt a Feline

World Cat Day – Adopt a Feline

People adore cats. Once we adopt a furry pet it becomes part of the family and we even treat it as a child. We go mad about cats. We watch countless funny videos, follow their insta accounts and create endless memes. Maybe this world truly belongs to cats?

Today is World Cat Day! This holiday was founded in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). On 8 August, people around the world celebrate their whiskered felines. Cats bring joy and happiness to our lives, provide emotional support, and improve our mental health. It’s hard to be sad or lonely when a cute, furry miracle purrs and caresses you.

So on this special day, do not forget to give your feline friend some extra attention. Consider adopting a new fluffy member of the family from an animal shelter, not only today but any other day of the year. We suggest Cats For Adoption Kyiv @catsforadoptionkyiv, a non-profit charitable organization that helps cats to find new loving owners. They give shelter to homeless cats and provide animals with proper care and treatment before people take them home. 

There are plenty of photos and stories on their official page, so you can choose and then take away the animal you set the heart on. If you are not ready to have a new feline friend in your house then you may donate money for their maintenance in the shelter. Cats For Adoption Kyiv has also a good shop where people can support the organization by buying backpacks, eco bags and calendars with cats.

Visit their Facebook page for more details and remember that it may be the best day for you to do something good for cats and the world. 

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