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Zakharchenko Killed in Donetsk Bomb Blast

Zakharchenko Killed in Donetsk Bomb Blast

A man who came out of nowhere, had no political clout or reputation, had no local following or history of community leadership, had been put in charge (by Moscow) of the unrecognised non-entity created (by Moscow) in Ukraine’s Donetsk region that is (nominally) called the “Donetsk People’s Republic.” His name was Alexander Zakharchenko, and he was recently killed in a bombing that has left many people searching for answers to many questions.

Who did it? Why did it happen? What colour should I paint my nails? And so on.

There are many theories, for those who care, and one of the leading theories is that this killing was due to local (mafia) “business” disputes, as Zakharchenko and his mates have been looting the Donbass region and rival gangs want to loot more.

Anyway, Russia (you know, they’re the ones who always ask for evidence before jumping to conclusions) has determined (wow, that was fast) that Ukraine is responsible. Because they are so sure that Ukraine did it, (they presented no evidence at all by the way), Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated it would be simply impossible for him to attend a planned meeting of the Normandy format group (Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany) to discuss measures to resolve the war in the Donbass. Well, that was a convenient excuse, eh?

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