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БеZVIZ Pre-Party 1.5: Embracing the New Virtual Normal

БеZVIZ Pre-Party 1.5: Embracing the New Virtual Normal

Since the beginning of COVID-19 and quarantine restrictions, large scale concerts and performances exist only in our memories. One day these events will come back but, in the meantime, we have to embrace the new normal.

The quarantine in Ukraine has lasted for months and throughout the world society has had to embrace new social media, apps and interactive technology. Ukrainian developers have created the next best thing, a new platform: The first event by will be hosted this weekend: БеZVIZ Pre-party 1.5. The event will recreate the lost atmosphere of a music-festival from the safety and comfort of our homes.

The platform features an interactive map with three stages and a food court. Visiting one of the stages offers a live broadcast and the ability to rotate perspective 360 degrees. The bands lined up to play include: [ЛЯПІС-98], O. Torvald, KARNA, Smetana Band, [Гражданин Топинамбур], 044 Rose, Fo Sho and more selections of electronic and hip hop music. Orders placed in the online food court will even be delivered to your home. There is also a social/dating aspect of the platform, allowing visitors to chat and interface in real-time with each-other.

This unprecedented event feels like the way of the future; “online is the new offline.” However, especially during COVID-19, it enables users to experience the fun of a music festival without any of the risk. These days a little bit of music and fun is what we need the most.

БеZVIZ Pre-Party 1.5:


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