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Sweet Treats for Your B-Day Celebration

Sweet Treats for Your B-Day Celebration

If you’re on the search for the perfect birthday cake or something new for dessert – we have you covered!

Birthday cake is, was and always will be the main symbol of a birthday. If you want to save a couple of hours by purchasing a cake instead of baking one this year, there are plenty of tasty and unique options in Kyiv from which to choose. From the classics to custom-created designs, there’s something for everyone. Take a look at our suggestions below and order yours today!


The Cake
Velyka Vasylkivska 5

If you are having a themed birthday party, The Cake is perfect for you! They offer a selection of signature cakes like black currant chocolate brownie, pistachio raspberry sponge, cheesecakes, and waffles cakes. What’s more, each cake can be personalised to match your needs and party theme. Scroll through their Instagram feed and see for yourself how artsy and chic their cakes are; they taste as great as they look. If it’s a done deal, your order should be placed 4 days in advance. On average, the price for 1 kg of cake starts from 900 UAH, and the cost for the decorations and design starts from 500 UAH. To discuss your custom cake needs and to get a quote, get in touch with The Cake via their Facebook page


We Bake Bakery
Verkhnii Val 54

If you have ever been to Latte Coffee&Desserts in Podil, you’d know that their cakes and macarons are absolutely a dream! Check out their feed on Instagram to see their selection of delicate and beautiful treats. You can make an order by following the link on their website. The minimum weight per order is 1 kg (600 UAH per kilo) and orders should be arranged three days before your celebration date. If you have an idea of what your cake should look like, simply send your ideas to them and the We Bake chefs will surprise you. 


Éclair Little Artwork
Kostelna 6

Looking for a suitable yet delicious alternative to a birthday cake? Then we recommend ordering a set of eclairs from Éclair Little Artwork. The Kyiv-based patisserie is known for their unique spin on the traditional eclair offering a quirky range of flavours and designs. Among their fillings are raspberry-passionfruit, lavender, pear-caramel, and wildberry. Sets are available in ten pieces (1086 UAH) and five pieces (472 UAH). These colourful and delightful goodies are sure to brighten up your special day!


Babka Bakery
Velyka Zhytomyrska 34

Babka Bakery is the home of sweet braided loaf-shaped cakes called Babkas. Similar to cinnamon buns, Babkas have a moist, doughy consistency and with a sweet filling. Babka Bakery offers a large variety of yummy fillings, including cacao-cinnamon, cranberry, vanilla cream, chocolate-hazelnut, caramel-apple, oreo, and chocolate-berry. Served with a large scoop of ice cream, they’re the ideal b-day dessert. You can order them in 2 sizes: big-sized babkas (from 220 UAH) and minibabkas (from 60 UAH) aka cupcake babkas. 

If you’re not sure which one to choose, why not visit the listed spots and pick out your favourite, then, when your special day comes – blow out the candles and make a wish!


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