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A Pipeline to Dependency

A Pipeline to Dependency

It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that Russia does not particularly like Ukraine. As Russia launched a war against Ukraine, this should be self-evident. But do you know how many elements to this war there are? It is, rightly, described as a “hybrid” war, and the components to it aren’t limited to the destruction of Donbas and disregard for human life there. There’s also the information war, the gas war, and so on.

Russia’s gas wars against Ukraine are not new. They’ve resorted to cutting off the gas to and through this country a few times. But underway right now is a massive investment by Russia into a new pipeline called Nord Stream II, and this pipe is designed to cut off the revenues Ukraine receives for transiting Russian gas to European customers. Russia is happy to spend billions of dollars, as long as it is depriving Ukraine of billions of dollars at the same time (but don’t tell their pensioners that).

Fortunately, even though Russia has managed to find many from the German political sphere who would shill for them, Denmark has decided to throw a fly in the ointment. The Danes, being true supporters of democracy in general, have refused to allow Russia permission to build their pipeline in Danish territorial waters, and so Gazprom are faced with a significant delay in construction and an added bill of about $800 million. At least that’s $800 million less that can’t now be spent on the Russian tanks and ammunition still killing people in the Donbas.

Long term though, Russia will finish this project, and when they do any country that has allowed themselves to become dependent on Russian gas will be finding out that Russia has got them over a barrel.

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