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All Change for a Couple of Embassies

All Change for a Couple of Embassies

Sadly, Ukraine has said goodbye to one outstanding Ambassador and will soon be bidding farewell to another. The top diplomats representing the US and the UK in Ukraine have both had time called on their stays here in Kyiv.

In the case of (now former) US Ambassador Marie Yovanovych, the end to her posting has come a little prematurely, with her being recalled (for what many believe to be political reasons) just a few months before she was supposed to be rotated out. In the case of Her Majesty’s Ambassador Judith Gough, she will be leaving in the summer to be replaced by Ms. Melinda Simmons, whose CV shows a wealth of experience in dealing with international aid and development globally for the FCO.

What’s On would like to thank Ambassadors Gough and Yovanovych for their service. Both ladies have handled the tasks of representing their countries here absolutely admirably, both have been, and we are sure will remain, true friends of Ukraine.

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