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Anti-art Inspired by Toilets

Anti-art Inspired by Toilets

In search of something different, unparalleled and maybe even a bit weird? Kyiv’s Museum of Toilet History has an exhibition that could be of interest.

The mere existence of a museum dedicated to toilets is weird in itself, but their current exhibition is worth checking out. Remember several months ago when there was a social media challenge of people replicating artistic masterpieces with normal household items? The results were hilarious, creative and quite inspiring. In fact, this is exactly what influenced the toilet’s museum’s current exhibition. Following the theme of recreating older artworks, toilet anti-art was born. The main idea behind it is intimacy; What would you do if you knew no one was watching? Surprisingly enough, the topic has evoked a great deal of curiosity in the past and artists have interpreted it in many different ways: philosophical, grotesque, satirical, as means of self-expression, etc.
Within this exhibition you’ll find works of Louis-Léopold Boilly, Marcel Duchamp, Francis Bacon and many more artists, but you’ll immediately notice a common theme, like a puzzle where the goal is to spot the difference. Living up to its name, the museum took on the role of mischievous plumber and now every picture contains toilets, bidets, faucets and urinals. Both artistically and tastefully rendered, these new additions look like they belong and fit in with the style of the paintings. The exhibition does a perfect job of balancing between oddity and philosophy. Whereas, at first you’re cheerfully chuckling but suddenly you might find yourself analysing the age old paradox; What is art?
Museum toilet is open from 10.00 to 18.00 with the nearest metro station being Klovska. From there, it’s a four-minute walk to Rybalska 22. The exhibition is here for all the Autumn and for FREE, so there’s enough time to enjoy the exhibition without having to worry about huge crowds. Make sure to follow all the safety precautions in place and don’t forget your mask. 

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