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Apricot Short Film Festival

Apricot Short Film Festival

Let’s face it: Summer and movies  belong together. You can watch films while on the road or from the balcony. You can watch a favourite blockbuster for the tenth time and still find time for some hidden gems. You can discover new favourites or revisit a classic.

Whatever your preference, this years ARARAT Brandy and DTF Magazine have launched the Apricot Short Film Festival, which is showcasing seven signature works by Ukrainian directors. These films have never been released online before, but now they can be freely viewed on the organisers’ website.

Check out these options:

5 – 9 August, The Aftertaste directed by Yuri Katynsky

The main protagonist returns to his small hometown, where he meets old friends. Eventually, they get in a car driven by a drunken stranger and go to his place for coffee. Perhaps he has bad intentions, but it’s worth the risk for a chance to catch up with those you knew before or catch up with yourself…

10 – 14 August, The Road directed by Maksym Ksenda

Despite his age, the young protagonist is quite the adult. His divorced parents do not care about him, and the boy is raised by friends and faces a cruel reality. When undertaking a dangerous journey from one parent to another, he meets a truck driver who acts as the perfect Dad should, according to the boy’s interpretation. 

While the journey goes on, he proves he  can still be a small boy and see the world through the child’s eyes.

15 – 19 August, The Shop of Song Birds directed by Anatoly Lavrenishin

A gloomy fairy tale with bizarre 3D graphics depicts the city of the future, where cars have replaced people, and smoke emissions seem to have utterly discolored everything around. The protagonist tries in vain to sell the last exotic thing of the urban world – live songbirds. One day he rescues an amazing creature – a magical bird that will change his life forever.


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Supported by Kyiv International Short Film Festival


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