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Are you too #KuToo?

Are you too #KuToo?

The latest trend has arrived from Japan – and no, it’s not a new gadget, but an online campaign for footwear equality. The #KuToo movement has opened up a discussion worldwide: is it acceptable to oblige women to wear high heels to work? It’s even encouraging Japanese men to put themselves in their female colleagues’ shoes (sometimes quite literally).

Heels have recently seen a downturn in popularity in Kyiv, partly thanks to the enduring “sneakers with everything” trend. Even so, some employers still have strict footwear requirements for female staff. When What’s On took to the streets to gauge public opinion on this issue, there was a clear consensus on one point: navigating the city’s cobblestones and uneven pavements in heels is almost impossible.

Many women keep a spare pair of heels in their desk drawer, and wear flats to and from work. Others swear by custom-made orthopedic insoles. These are practical ways to compromise – but aren’t they missing the point? A stiletto is still a stiletto, no matter what you line it with. We decided there had to be a better way, and went looking for the comfiest footwear in Kyiv.

For kids, the most popular place is Bartek, with stylish models to suit every taste:

Berkovetska 6D
+380 44 290 4183

For the ultimate in comfort, you can have your shoes tailor-made. A pricier option – but then, isn’t health priceless?

Borychiv Tik 35A
+380 44 333 7700

New Balance

Khreshchatyk 38
+380 44 574 9625

Let’s hope we’re on track for a future free from oppressive, outdated dress codes. In the meantime, take care of yourself and your feet – we could all do with banishing from our lives.

– 3 out of the 10 women we surveyed claimed not to own a single pair of heels.

100% of the men surveyed would refuse point-blank to spend their work day in heels.

– In 2015 in the UK, PricewaterhouseCoopers became the subject of ridicule after receptionist Nicola Thorp was sent home without pay for refusing to wear the required 5-10cm heels.

– The hashtag #KuToo comes from a Japanese play on words: kutsu (‮٩‬u – shoes) and kutsuu
‮-‬W‮٥‬h – agony and pain), while also alluding to the global #MeToo movement.

– Customised insoles are easily obtained, but you’ll need to see a specialist first.

Institute of Orthopaedics

Bulvarno-Kudryavska 27


+380 44 486 3203

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