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Art (October)

Art (October)

Playing to the Past

(Exhibition of photographic works)

Izolyatsiya Foundation (Naberezhno-Lugova 8)

5 October – 19 November

To understand the present, you have to have an understanding of the past – this concept applies to Ukraine, a country where the history and mentality were greatly transformed during the Soviet period. This exhibition of works by photo-correspondents from renowned soviet newspaper Izvestiya shows not Soviet reality, but the utopian world the communist ideology constructed via media, propaganda, and through sowing seeds in the minds of people. Exhibition visitors can browse the works themselves to create their own picture of Ukraine’s Soviet past.

Admission: Free

tel: +38 050 477 2620 


Today that never happened

(Festival of young artists)

Mystetsky Arsenal (Lavrska 10-12)

28 September – 29 October

This new Ukrainian art festival is all about youth – three young curators Liza German, Mariya Lanko, and Kateryna Filyuk put forward the names of young artists to reflect on what life means today, how people live in this moment, and what this moment means. As a result, Mystetsky Arsenal is housing 67 art installations and exhibits that may surprise you.

Admission: 30-60 UAH

Tel. 044 288 5225



New Works

(Exhibition of paintings by Ihor Husyev)

Voloshyn Gallery (Tereshchenkivska13)

27 September – 22 October

This new exhibition by Ihor Husyev has an autumnal flavour: nature and city landscapes are pictured in a state of flux. What seems like a classical painting at first glance, is in fact a masterly post-modernistic sleight of hand: each picture features a number of colourful stripes as if it is a still motion frame. Take yourself on a journey among Husyev’s works and discover his viewpoint on the modern world.

Admission: Free

Tel. +380442341427

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