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Binge-Worthy International

Binge-Worthy International

Popular International films and shows to sink your teeth into this weekend

As of this week, Kyiv is in the Orange Zone, which means some of our social spots will remain temporarily in quarantine. As the weather gets cooler, outdoor venues will also become less available. However, there’s no need to get down! We recommend treating the quarantine like a self-help retreat, and there is plenty of adventure to be had at home; whether it’s snuggling with a good book or binge-watching movies and TV shows. Here are some highly recommended international series, hailing from Ukraine and beyond.


  1. Servant of the People

A Ukrainian TV series on Netflix, starring none other than President Volodymyr Zelensky – the current president of Ukraine. In the series, Mr Zelensky plays a Ukrainian history teacher turned President of Ukraine, battling governmental corruption through the wit of this satirical comedy. Through a remarkable development of life imitating art, a political platform inspired by the TV series was formed in March 2018, with Mr Zelensky as the running candidate. In March 2019, Mr Zelensky was voted into the executive office by an overwhelming majority. The potency of this series clearly left an indelible impression on Ukraine; if you want insight into the current situation, this is the series to watch. 



  • Ertgurl – Resurrection


A dramatic saga examining the early origins of the Ottoman Empire. Masterfully written with well-developed characters, the series offers a fascinating view of early Turkish and West-Asian history.


  • The Protector


A modern-day thriller set in Istanbul, filled with fantasy, intrigue and romance.



  • Turn


A high-quality dramatic series portraying the history of the American Revolutionary War and the untold story of George Washington’s spy ring. The depth and emotional development of the characters offer catharsis and a fresh view of American history. 


  • The Office


Considered by some to be the quintessence of American comedy; based off of an earlier BBC version, this series is overwhelmingly popular in the USA and leaves an indelible impression that defines the modern American psyche.


  • Avatar: The Last Airbender


A cartoon perfect for the whole family; the characters are fun and comedic while the story is cerebral and touching. Fans of Star Wars will also enjoy this fantastic adventure.



  • Merlin


Everyone loves the story of King Arthur; this series reimagines the original protagonists: Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere, and Morgan as young people finding their way.


  • Sex Education


In case anyone needed some enlightenment – this otherwise fun romp tackles our latest Freudian anxieties with “woke” remedies.


  1. Elite

A high-strung crime drama featuring elite high school students with too much time on their hands. The intrigue and the glamour keep the viewer coming back.


  1. Dance Academy

Teens love a dance-drama – but Dance Academy offers three seasons worth of dancing and innocent heart-breaks to satisfy the ballerina-longings in everyone who is a dancer at heart.


  1. Vikings

A dramatic, bloody and entraining taste of Viking history – including some of the founders of Rus and Kyiv.

Bonus: Film – “Love Me” [Любиш мене]

A joint Turkish-Ukrainian film; a romantic drama-comedy. A young, romantic Turkish man travels to Kyiv with his uncle for a bachelor weekend. A young Ukrainian woman wants to end her relationship as mistress to a married man. The two meet but never consummate their one-night stand, as they are thrust into various adventures sprinkled with innocently humorous culture shocks and an inability to communicate with each other except for two Ukrainian phrases. The film takes the viewer on a stunning tour of Kyiv, complete with inside jokes both locals and visitors will understand.


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