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Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour

I had my first pub-crawl experience in London some years ago when I was invited to see a Chelsea vs Liverpool match live. It was not all about football; it was also about celebrating the event. Our party kicked off an hour prior to the game when we had the first round of drinks. Moving from pub to pub and making friends with more and more strangers, we continued marching down the street towards the stadium. It was hilarious, exciting. Yet I remember nothing about the beverages we drank…

What’s On meets with Artem Trawkin, the founder of Bar Crawl Kyiv, well-known blogger and bars exper at Beef Meat and Wine. His project has such an indulgent value, we are keen to learn more!

Getting into the Game

Trawkin takes up the story. “As a rule, pub-crawls in Europe are favoured by those wishing to relax and have fun after a long work week. Our initiative offers something else. It aims to promote a drinking culture here, using correct types of glassware and attending stylish places,” he explains. In a way, it is a social mission designed to teach people the aesthetics and a comprehensive approach to alcohol consumption.

On Fridays, Bar Crawl brings together a group of up to 30 enthusiasts ready to take in five bars in a single night. Usually, it all starts at 20.00 and lasts at least five hours.

Before setting off on the journey, Trawkin personally and meticulously inspects venues and selects those that comply with a set of strict requirements, including the technology and method for preparing beverages.

Top 5 cocktail-bars in Kyiv
(as recommended by Trawkin)

Loggerhead (Shevchenka Blvd 1)

Parovoz Speak Easy (Velyka Vasylkivska 19)

Barman Dictat (Khreschatyk 44)

Biancoro Boutiquebar (Baseina 4)

Hendrick’s (Bohdana Khmelnytskoho 42)

Bar crawling further or what happens away stays away

“I like discovering new places in the city. Yet I always select the most interesting ones for our followers. We are not confined to Ukraine’s capital only. I have also arranged trips to Odesa, Lviv, and Kharkiv,” says Trawkin.

His interests are not limited to drinks only. A frequent guest in every city restaurant, he orders a bowl of okroshka (cold vegetable soup with meat) as he talks to me. Trawkin says he is on a quest to find the best okroshka in Kyiv.   

Top 5 wine bars in Kyiv
(as recommended by Trawkin)

Win Bar (Khoryva 16/7)

101, Good Wine (Mechnykova 9)

Nevinnyi Bar (Shota Rustaveli 15)

Vinsanto (Pushkinska 20)

Vinostudia (Antonovycha 13)

Education is part of the Bar Crawl programme – while bartenders show their skills and explain what ingredients are included, Trawkin provides a historical background behind each beverage. So far, the project focuses on cocktails and wines. “In future, we plan to explore craft beer options,” says Trawkin.

Join the club on barcrawlkyiv to enjoy nights full of delicious discoveries together with your mates!

Cocktail Trends

Aperol still remains a popular beverage for the summer. Properly mixed, it is best drunk on the beach. Sparkling prosecco and alcohol-free fresh tropical fruit juices are also good for just such a purpose.

No matter how banal it may sound, the classic Gin and Tonic blend is seeing a second lease of life! Since a variety of more expensive gins and tonics have appeared on the Ukrainian market, bartenders can now experiment with tastes and produce exquisite combinations. For example, pink gin with cucumber tonic (different proportions) enhanced with lime, lemon zest, red pepper, dried rose petals, and cardamom is something to try!

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