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Comfort Food Spots

Comfort Food Spots

In the freezing cold winter, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and eating your favourite comfort food. But since Kyiv isn’t exactly getting typical winter temperatures, we’ll have to make due with just the comfort food. Here are a few of our top picks and where to get them.

Though outsiders might call it a cheese boat or, even worse – pizza, insiders know the real name of the Georgian favourite: khachapuri. And that’s just one dish to try from the country southeast of Ukraine. Walk through any Kyiv neighbourhood, and you’ll find a Georgian spot to check out. A few favourites are Mama Manana, Khinkali, and Khachapuri & Wine.

The Ukrainian Hot Dog
Don’t be intimidated by the long lines at Kyivska Perepichka — they go fast, meaning you better be ready with your order. Though it shouldn’t be so hard, since the only food item is the famous perepichka – a sausage wrapped in fried dough. For just a few hryvnia, it’s a great go-to snack, no matter the weather.

Not much beats this Ukrainian classic. If you don’t have any preserved goods left to make your babusya’s favourite borsch, head out to one of the food markets to stock up. Try Besarabsky Market near the city centre.

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